Some Breeds Of Chicken To Lay Colored Eggs

If you are looking to add some color to your eggs, there are a few breeds of chicken that lay colored eggs. These hens lay eggs in various shades of blue, green and pink.

The Plymouth Rock is one of the best known breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs. They are large, dual purpose birds that have been around since the 1830s. The Plymouth Rock lays brown eggs and is available in both light and dark varieties. The Plymouth Rock is a good layer with an average productivity of 280 eggs per year.

The Araucana is another popular breed for laying colored eggs. A long time ago these birds were considered sacred by the Incas because they had so many uses for them (eggs, meat and feathers). The Araucana lays blue speckled eggs and has an average productivity of 240 per year.

If you want to get a rare breed that lays blue or green speckled eggs then consider getting a Welsummer chick from Tractor Supply Company! The Welsummer was developed in Holland in the early 1900s as an ornamental chicken but has since become popular as a dual purpose bird because of its friendly nature and great egg production abilities!

Some Breeds Of Chicken To Lay Colored Eggs

There are many different breeds of chicken. Some of them lay white eggs, while others lay colored eggs!

Here are some breeds that lay colored eggs:

Brahma – This breed is a large bird with a broad back and feathered extremities. They have a “pea comb” which is a large fleshy crest on top of its head. The feathers on their legs and shanks may be cream or yellow, depending on the variety. It has a docile temperament and makes for an excellent free-range bird. They generally do well in cold weather so long as they have adequate shelter from wind and rain.

Cochin – This breed originated in China where it was highly prized for its meat production ability. However, it wasn’t until 1835 that this bird came to America when two pairs were imported by William Woodruff from Shanghai and Canton. These birds were then crossed with other breeds to produce the Blue Phoenix Cochin which was later imported into Great Britain in 1873 by Mr J Macgregor-Morris who was head of the firm Macgregor & Morris (founded 1840).

The Araucana chicken is a breed of chicken that lays blue-green eggs. It was originally found in Chile and Peru, where the indigenous people were said to have brought it from South America. The Araucana bird is a very hardy breed of chicken that can withstand extreme weather conditions and survive long periods without food or water.

The Ameraucana chicken is another breed of chicken that lays colored eggs. It is also known as the Easter Egger or a Blue Egg Layer because it lays blue-green eggs like the Araucana. However, unlike the Araucana, this breed originated from North America and not South America.

The Call Duck is another type of duck that lays colorful eggs such as blue, green, pink and even clear! The Call Duck was created by crossing mallard ducks with other breeds like Indian runner ducks and Cayuga ducks to produce this colorful variety of duck egg.

The Golden Goose produces large golden goose eggs that are very popular among chefs because they are so delicious! These geese are also known as Buff Orpington geese because they were originally bred in England by crossing an Orpington chicken with a White Leghorn bird to create this beautiful animal with its striking yellow feathers

If you’re looking for a specific breed of chicken, and you want your eggs to come in a variety of colors, there are some breeds that you should consider.

Here are five breeds that may interest you.

1) Ameraucana: This breed lays blue-green, green and olive eggs. They are also great for cold weather because of their thick feathers that keep them warm during the winter months. They tend to be calm and easy to handle as well. The only downside is that they can be loud at times when they are laying their eggs since they are vocal birds by nature.

2) Araucana: This breed lays brilliant blue eggs, which are very popular among egg lovers because they look so beautiful when cooked or baked in cakes or other desserts. These chickens are also known as “Easter Eggers” because they lay colored eggs all year long! Araucans come in many different varieties including black, white, brown and splash (blue/white). Their personality can vary from docile to somewhat aggressive depending on how much human contact they receive while growing up.

3) Australorp: This breed is known for its black coloration with a red comb on top of its head and white earlob

The Rhode Island Red is one of the most popular chicken breeds. It’s known for laying brown eggs and being good mothers.

The Plymouth Rock is another popular choice. It’s known for laying white eggs and being docile, easy-to-handle birds.

The Araucana is a rare breed that has colorful ear tufts and lays blue or green eggs.

The Ameraucana is similar to the Araucana but was bred with a different goal in mind: to lay green or blue eggs.

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