Teaching A Dog To Crawl

Teaching a dog to crawl can be accomplished using the following tips. I will start with the most important, and then you can learn the rest on your own.

Crawling is a very important part of a puppy’s life. This is how a puppy begins to learn how to get along in the world as he grows. Learning how to crawl has a lot of benefits for your dog, so make sure you begin teaching him before he becomes too big. Dogs that learn to crawl tend to be more active and happier in their lives. And for their size, dogs can be surprisingly agile, but it takes a lot of dedicated practice during different stages of the puppy’s life.

Teaching a dog to crawl is an important part of their training. This can be done at any age, but it is especially helpful if you start early on.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sit in front of your dog and show them a treat.
  2. Place the treat between your hands and gently lower them to the ground until they are touching it with their nose. When they do that, give them the treat and praise them!
  3. Repeat this process until they are comfortable with it and won’t move away when you try to lower your hands to the ground.
  4. Once they are comfortable with lowering their head towards the ground, then you can try lowering your hand ever so slightly closer to the ground each time they touch it with their nose (or even just once if they seem very confident). If they pull away or move away from your hand, then go back up one notch and try again next time! It may take several tries, but eventually they will get used to having their head lower than usual!

Teaching a dog to crawl is a great way to help them learn how to navigate the world around them.

It’s also a great way to get them used to being on their hands and knees, which can be useful in situations where they need to move quickly and quietly.

If you’re teaching your dog how to crawl, it’s important that you start off with some basic training before moving on to this more advanced technique.

If your dog is already trained in basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “down,” then you’re ready for this next step!

Start by getting your dog into a sitting position. Hold out one hand in front of her face and say “crawl” in an excited voice. Then hold out a treat in front of her nose so that she’ll follow it with her head as she crawls forward. You should also give praise whenever she makes progress toward the treat or when she gets close enough that you can put it right into her mouth—this will keep her motivated during training sessions so that she’ll want to keep going even if it takes longer than expected!

Teaching A Dog To Crawl

It’s always fun teaching your furbabies new tricks in return for those treats, and age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning. With Crawl, it’s best trick to teach your dog especially when you’ve already nailed the basics.

When they have a good grip on the command “down” crawling is just a few more treats away!


What You Will Need


When working on a new trick, it’s important to be in a place or environment that has little to no distraction.

It’s also important to pace the training with your doggo. If they aren’t too comfortable, or don’t seem to get a grasp of what you’re asking, or just aren’t interested, don’t force your dog to perform this cue.

Well, let us get to it!


  1. Cue your dog to “down” position
  2. Hold a treat at your dog’s nose and slowly move it forward at ground level
  3. Mark (with a clicker or word like “yes!”) and reward for any small movement in the beginning, then gradually lure further
  4. Remove the treat by just luring with your hand, eventually keeping your hand farther away, and start saying a word cue like “crawl!”
  5. With the quotes “Practice makes perfect!” and “Consistency is Key!”, do practice until they get the hang of it!

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