Teaching A Dog To Howl

Teaching a dog to howl is one of the most challenging tasks for any dog owner. If your dog can’t howl on command it will be difficult for you to show him off at the park or place him in a dog show for instance. Fortunately, there are some really easy tricks you can do with your dog which result in this desired effect.

If you’re thinking of teaching a dog to howl, you may be wondering if it is possible, or even if your dog would be able to learn the skill. If you’d like to teach your dog to howl, it’s something that can easily be accomplished with patience and time.

Teaching a dog to howl is an easy process.

First, you’ll need to find a place where the dog can comfortably stand and see you. It’s best if you can find a quiet place—if there are other dogs around, they may try to get involved in your training session.

Next, get your dog’s attention by clapping your hands or whistling. When your dog looks at you, say “Howl!” in a firm voice. If he barks instead of howling, repeat the command until he obeys and howls back at you.

If your dog doesn’t respond to this method, try offering him some food as a reward for barking or howling correctly.

Teaching a dog to howl can be done in a number of ways. A dog’s howl is usually the result of an instinctual behavior that it performs for two reasons: to alert other dogs in its pack of danger or to call out to its pack at night. However, there are ways you can teach your dog to howl without having them do it instinctively.

You should first try to encourage your dog’s natural instincts by playing recordings of other wolves or dogs howling at night and then playing recordings of wolves or other animals in distress. This will help trigger their instinctual behavior and they may begin howling on their own. You can also train them by giving them treats when they bark or growl like they would if they were communicating with another animal.

Another way to train your dog to howl is by teaching them how to imitate sounds that are familiar to them such as their name or an alarm clock going off. If you do this consistently over time, it will eventually become second nature for them and they will start doing it by themselves without any prompting from you!

Teaching A Dog To Howl

Do you know how to make your dog howl? Do certain noises that trigger howling in your dog? For me it’s as simple as howling myself — that always gets my dog going. She also has the habit of howling in her sleep — but that’s a story for another post.

But making all dogs howl isn’t quite that easy. Some seem to howl much easier than others. For those dogs you’ll probably need to try out a few different noises until you find out which ones get your dog going. Here’s 5 tips on how to make your dog howl. (Plus 7 videos at the end designed to get your dog howling)

Why Do Dogs Howl?

So why do dogs howl anyways? Howling is a normal behavior in dogs, and it’s one of the natural instincts leftover from their wolf ancestors. Howling in dogs is a form of communication just like barking and whining. Dogs howl to make contact with others, get attention, signal distress, and to announce their presence. The most common reasons for dogs to howl are:

  • To make contact with others
  • To attract attention
  • In response to high pitch noises
  • To sound an alert to others

Like barking and whining, howling is just another form of communication for dogs. It can mean they’re looking for some extra attention, or it might mean they’re on high alert. It’s one of the many ways in which they communicate with one another. In some cases your dog howling may indicate an injury or illness.

Some dogs howl much more than others. There are certain breeds of dogs that are more prone to howling than others. Huskies, German Shepherds & many hound breeds tend to howl more than others.

A lot of dogs will howl to the high pitched sounds of harmonicas, ambulances, dogs in the distance, or their owners singing. Some dogs, like Huskies, are known to be more vocal than others, so getting your Husky to howl may be a lot easier than getting your Chihuahua to start howling.

More vocal breeds—like huskies and most hounds—are more prone to howling in general, and thus would be likelier to wail along to music than say, a bichon frise.  – Why Do Dogs Sing Along to Music?

Want to get your dog howling? Try these 4 methods.

5 Ways to Make Your Dog to Howl

If you want to make your dog howl the first step will be determining what noises they respond to. Some dogs will howl to high pitched noises such as alarms and sirens. Sometimes the sound of another dog howling in a video is more than enough to get them going. For my dog I just have to start whistling to get her to howl.

Here’s 5 ways you can make your dog howl:

  • Sing/Howl yourself
  • Play a musical instrument like the harmonica
  • Play siren or alarm sounds
  • Whistle for your dog
  • Play videos of dogs howling (see examples below)

After you find which method gets your dog howling you can promote the behavior further. Give him a treat when he howls and tell him he’s a good boy, just as you would with any form of trick training.

With enough practice and encouragement you’ll be able to get your dog to howl on command, just as you can get him to sit or lie down.

Getting Your Dog to Stop Howling

Now if your dog howls too much and you’d like him to stop the first step is finding out what’s triggering the howling to begin with.

If your dog is howling for your attention while you’re at home you’re going to learn to start ignoring the behavior and reward him when he’s quiet. We often spend too much time focusing on correcting bad behaviors that we forget to praise the good. When you consistently praise your dog for doing something (in this case being quiet) they’ll know that they’re doing the right thing, and with proper encouragement they’ll be more likely to continue that behavior.

If your dog is howling when he’s alone it could be from separation anxiety or being lonely. Does your dog also pace around and act nervous when you leave the home? If so it might be separation anxiety.

If you suspect your dog is howling because he’s lonely try spending some extra time with him. Create some simple boredom busters for him, give him more mental stimulation, and give him plenty of games to play inside.

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