The Best Horse For Trail Riding

What is the best horse for trail riding? Is there one perfect horse out there that fits every rider’s needs? Of course not. This article will give you a few factors to consider when determining which horse that is best suited for your trail riding abilities and experience level.

Trail riding is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and take in some honest-to-goodness fresh air. Unfortunately, venturing into the outdoors with a horse is not always conducive to trail riding some trails. These obstacles may include severe terrain, or land that has been littered with discarded garbage. Here’s what you should look for when deciding on a horse that’s right for trail riding.

When you’re looking for the best horse for trail riding, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not the horse is suitable for it.

Trail riding requires a lot of stamina and endurance, so it’s important that your horse has enough energy to last throughout your ride. If you choose a horse that doesn’t have enough stamina, you could end up feeling exhausted and frustrated by the end of your trip.

Another important factor in choosing a horse for trail riding is its size. Horses come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to find one that fits your height and weight requirements. If you are small or short, there will be some horses that are too tall or too big for you to ride comfortably. On the other hand if you’re large or tall there may be some horses that are too small or too short for comfort as well.

Furthermore, when choosing a horse for trail riding it’s important to consider how much money you want to spend on them as well as how much time they will be spending outside with other people around them (or even alone).

Trail riding is a sport for those who love to be on the move. Whether you’re off on a cross-country trek or exploring the wilderness at home, trail riding is a great way to get in touch with nature as you work on your horsemanship skills.

When choosing a horse for trail riding, there are many things to consider: how much time you’ll spend in the saddle, whether or not you plan to compete, and what kind of terrain you’ll be covering. Here are some of the best horses for trail riding:

The Quarter Horse: This breed is known for its endurance and strength. They have a calm demeanor and can handle any type of terrain.

The Appaloosa: These horses have an athletic build and are known for their endurance. They’re also very intelligent, making them easy to train.

Arabians: These horses tend to be more spirited than other breeds but have excellent endurance as well as good looks—they’re perfect if you’re looking for an experienced mount with show potential.

The Paint Horse: This breed is known for its versatility; paints are often used as all-purpose horses because they can do everything from ranch work to competitive trail rides easily!

The Best Horse For Trail Riding

When it comes to trail riding, you want a horse that you can trust. As the best breeds for trail riding, these horses are sure-footed, smooth, well-mannered, and calm, yet also have a sense of adventure.

A good trail horse will have a sturdy build and be steady on their feet. Size also matters as well, as you want a horse you can easily mount and dismount anywhere on a trail.

Though most well-trained horses can make great trail horses, some breeds just naturally excel out on the trails. Both gaited and non-gaited horses can make wonderful mounts while out exploring, depending on your personal preference.

Here are the 7 best horse breeds for trail riding:

Quarter Horse

American Quarter horse - Good horse breed for trailer riding
jacotakepics /

Height: 14-16 hands tall
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Quarter horses are known for their calm dispositions, friendly personalities, stamina, sturdy builds, and athleticism.

Due to their calm dispositions and well-muscled bodies, Quarter Horses excel as trail horses. They are often easy-going and make safe horses for people of all ages.

Known for their stamina, they can carry on for hours on end. Their sturdy builds and powerful hindquarters allow them to carefully navigate any rough terrain. As the most popular breed in America, many people use Quarter Horses for trail riding, as they are wonderful working horses.

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse breed
aleigha blakley /

Height: 14.3- 17 hands
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Tennessee Walking horses are known for their smooth gaits, friendly personalities, good temperaments, refined builds, and athleticism.

Comfortable and sleek, Tennessee Walking Horses are great partners for out on the trails. As a gaited breed, they make for a very smooth mount, which is especially good for riding over uneven terrain.

They have great endurance and their unique gait is ground covering. Though they have a refined build, they are still sturdy which makes them great for children and adult riders. They are friendly and easy-going, making them a joy to work with.


Palomino Morgan horse - Good horse breed for trail riding
Lisa Kolbenschlag /

Height: 14.1-15.3 hands
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Morgans are known for their friendly personalities, calm dispositions, athleticism, style, and refined builds.

Well-loved for their versatility, Morgans not only make wonderful show horses but also wonderful trail horses. Curious, yet sensible, they make trusty mounts for the entire family.

Their friendly dispositions and willingness to please make them great companions out on the trails. Though elegant and refined, they also have a compact, sturdy build that allows them to be great riding horses. They have great stamina and are known to be sure-footed, allowing them to successfully cover long trails of all terrains.


Appaloosa horse in a field grazing
Marie Charouzova /

Height: 14.2-16 hands
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Appaloosas are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, stamina, athleticism, and hardy builds.

Known for their beautiful coats, Appaloosas also stand out as trail horses. These hardy horses have great stamina and are always up for a long ride.

They are reliable and even-tempered, making them trustworthy mounts. Both kids and adults can successfully ride them, as they are willing to please and always up for an adventure. Stylish and sure-footed, you will have a great time out on the trails with an Appaloosa.


Arabian horse breed - Trail riding horse breed
Olga_i /

Height: 14.1-15.1 hands
Country of Origin: Arabian Peninsula
Characteristics: Arabians are known for their endurance, athleticism, style, refined builds, and friendly personalities.

Though some may think that Arabians are too hot for trail riding, they actually can make wonderful trail mounts. They excel in endurance competitions, which means they have plenty of stamina for long rides.

Arabians are well-known for their versatility, which is one of the main reasons they can do so well as trail horses. Though elegant and refined, they have the hardiness for all forms of terrain. They are friendly and willing to please, making them popular horses for everyone.

Paint Horse /

Height: 14.2-15.2 hands
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Paint horses are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, athleticism, strength, and hardy builds.

Not only will you stand out on a Paint, but you will also have a wonderful mount. Paints have a sturdy build making them great riding horses for people of all ages.

They typically are calm and docile, making them reliable no matter what the occasion. As amazing working horses, they have all the skills you need for out on the trails. Their friendly nature and social personalities make them great horses.

Rocky Mountain Horse

Rocky Mountain Horse breed on a trail ride
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Height: 14.2-16 hands
Country of Origin: America
Characteristics: Rocky Mountain horses are known for their smooth gaits, stamina, good temperaments, friendly personalities, and strong builds.

Bred for comfort, there is no doubt that the Rocky Mountain Horse makes a great trail mount. They are gaited, which allows for a smooth ride in the saddle for hours on end.

These hardy horses have excellent stamina and footing, allowing them to easily converse all terrains. They have wonderful temperaments and make great family horses. Their strong builds make them suitable for just about anything.

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