Therapy Horse For Sale

A therapy horse is a real asset to any home with kids. I have a great one – Bob. He’s a retired race horse who has served his time at the track & now spends his days with me, being a friend & positive mental support to my son who has special needs. Bob, who is 17 years old, has been in our family for 7 years & he’s still going strong and taking care of us.

Have you ever seen a therapy horse in action? If you have, did you feel better? I bet that’s not the only reason people come to a therapy session but it sure can’t hurt. Therapy horses have been used by humans for hundreds of years.

Therapy Horse For Sale

Looking to get your hands on a therapeutic horse? We’ve got the perfect deal for you!

We have a beautiful black mare who is ready to provide you with years of love and companionship. She’s great with kids and adults, but she really shines when it comes to working with people who need therapy horses. She’s gentle but also has enough energy to keep up with anyone who wants a good ride.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking for a horse that can help them lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

This therapy horse is in great condition. He is a registered quarter horse and has been used for riding lessons for the last five years. He is also a trained therapy horse and has worked with children and adults with special needs.

This horse is currently being used by a child who has autism, and his parents have been told that he will not be able to continue using this horse when they move away next year. The child loves this horse so much, but due to financial constraints, they cannot afford to buy him. It would be devastating to the child if he had to part with his beloved therapy horse, which is why we are looking for someone who can give him a loving home!

Therapy Horse For Sale

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Bradenton, Florida




NamePlease call or text us at *941-548-MINI*


Age2 yrs


CountryUnited States of America

LocationBradenton, FL 34211

Description or Please call or text us at **941-548-MINI** for info on available horses and pricing.

Own your own Angel 🙂 When you look to the heavens you will always see Angel Wings! Selection of 25-29″ tall Therapy Trained Miniature Angels 🙂 or Feel free to call or text us at **941-548-MINI** for info on available horses and pricing.

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