Three Breeds of Sheep

Today, sheep are bred for specific traits. These traits include wool production and milk production. Sheep also make good pets because they are social animals that like to be around humans.


The Shropshire is a medium-sized breed with a white body and black face and legs. It has long, straight hair that may have some curl at the tips. The breed originated in Shropshire County in England. The Shropshire produces large quantities of milk and wool, making it an ideal dual purpose breed.

East Friesian

The East Friesian is a large sheep with a long tail that extends well below the hocks. It has long, silky wool which is either white or grey with black spots on the head and neck region along with black patches on the legs and belly area. This breed originated in Germany in the 13th century when it was crossed with wild mouflon sheep from Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). Today, this breed is raised mainly for meat production but can also be used as a dairy animal because of its high milk production rate (up to 9 pounds per day).

Three Breeds of Sheep

The three breeds of sheep are the Blackface, Cheviot and Corriedale.

Blackface Sheep: The Blackface is a small sheep, with a black face and legs, white body and a black tail. These sheep were developed from the Cheviot breed by crossing with other breeds. They are hardy and produce wool that is fine, soft and lustrous.

Cheviot Sheep: The Cheviot breed of sheep is one of the oldest in England. It was developed from native stock as early as the sixth century A.D., when it was used for both meat and wool production. These days, they are raised primarily for wool production.

Corriedale Sheep: The Corriedale breed of sheep originated in New Zealand where they were first imported from Australia in 1882 by James Cossar Ewart who named them after his family estate in Scotland called Corriedale. These animals are large framed but not so heavy bodied as some other breeds; they have excellent growth rates, good mothering ability and produce high quality wool with good staple length (hair length).

There are three basic breeds of sheep:

Dorsets. Dorsets are known for their impressive fleeces and high-quality meat. They’re also known for being very docile, which makes them an excellent choice for beginning farmers. They’re also known for being very docile, which makes them an excellent choice for beginning farmers.

Romney Marsh. The Romney Marsh is a dual-purpose breed that produces both wool and mutton (meat). This breed is known for its ability to thrive on poor pasture and in difficult weather conditions. It’s also known for being hardy and easy to manage.

Southdowns. Southdowns are one of the oldest breeds of sheep, with roots dating back thousands of years — they were even mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey! These sheep produce fine wool as well as delicious lamb chops and leg of lamb roasts.

Sheep are one of the oldest domesticated species, and have been kept for thousands of years. Today there are many breeds of sheep, and they are used primarily for food, wool, and companionship.

Here are three popular types of sheep:

  1. Dorset sheep: The Dorset was first brought to North America in 1623 by the Pilgrims who brought them over from England. They were originally bred for meat and wool production, but today they are raised mainly for show purposes. Dorsets have a black head with white horns and ears, a white body with black spots on their sides, black legs and feet, and a white belly.
  2. Border Leicester Sheep: Border Leicester sheep were first bred in England during the 1700s as an improved breed from Saxony stock that had been imported from Germany. They were developed primarily for meat production but also produced good quality wool that was used by hand spinners and weavers at home, as well as commercially sold to other countries like Holland or France where it was woven into cloth or converted into carpets or tapestries (fabrics made by weaving together strands of thread). The Border Leicester became very popular all over Europe because of its hardiness

Sheep are a domesticated animal that people have been raising for thousands of years. There are many different types of sheep, but there are three main breeds that most people are familiar with:

Sheep are ruminants, meaning they have four stomachs, which allows them to digest roughage better than other animals. Sheep eat grass and other plants and can survive on very little food and water. They also produce wool, which is used to make clothing like sweaters, socks and blankets.

Here are the three main breeds of sheep:


The Dorset breed produces white wool and has floppy ears. The Dorsets were originally bred in England in the 17th century to provide meat for the poor farmers during winter months when green grass wasn’t growing. Today they’re raised primarily for their wool production as well as for meat production.


The Merino breed produces fine white wool that’s used for making high-quality clothing like socks, hats and scarves because it doesn’t itch like some other types of wool can do when worn next to skin. Many merino sheep have horns rather than floppy ears like other breeds do; this helps protect their eyes from predators who might try to attack

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