What Breeds Of Chickens Lay Blue Eggs

There are many different kinds of chickens. Some have white eggs, some have brown eggs and others lay blue eggs.

The most common breeds of chicken that lay blue eggs are Ameraucana and Araucana. The Ameraucana is also known as the American barred rock chicken, because of its barred plumage pattern. This bird came from a cross between a Barred Rock and a New Hampshire Red hen. The Araucana originated in South America and was brought to Europe in the 1500’s, where it was bred with other breeds until it became what it is today. Both of these types of chickens lay blue eggs, but they can also lay brown or green eggs as well.

The Silver Laced Wyandotte lays light brown eggs with dark brown speckles on them. This breed originated in Indiana and was developed by crossing Rhode Island Reds with Langshans and Orpingtons to create an ideal meat bird. They were first recognized by the APA in 1883 and were considered one of the top 10 breeds until the 1960s when they began to decline in popularity due to their small size compared to other breeds like the Cornish Cross that produces more meat per pound than any other breed on Earth.”

Some of the most popular breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs are Ameraucana, Araucana and Silkie. These breeds are known for their blue eggs. You can also find other breeds of brown or white eggs laying shades of blue.

What Breeds Of Chickens Lay Blue Eggs


This is a relatively new breed that was developed in the early 1980s. It originated from crosses between the Maran and Ameraucana breeds, which are both known for their egg colors. The name “Ameraucana” comes from the Latin word “Americana,” which means “American.” The birds were developed by crossing Marans with Araucanas to create a bird that lays dark brown eggs with blue-green shells. The Ameraucana has been accepted into the APA Standard since 1998 and has since become one of the most popular breeds in America.


The Araucanas are similar to the Ameraucanas in that they both have black skin and an upright stance on their legs (known as stilt legs). They also produce large eggs, which are often called “Easter Eggs.” However, unlike the Ameraucanas, they don’t have ear tufts — instead they have feathered faces that cover their ears completely so they look like

There are many breeds of chickens that lay blue eggs. These include the Ameraucana, Araucana, Blue Marans, and the Easter Egger. The Araucana is known for laying blue eggs and is a breed from Chile. The breed was developed from a cross between a white Silkie and a Chilean gold-colored chicken.

Another popular breed of chicken which lays blue eggs is the Ameraucana. This breed originated in America from crosses between Araucana/Ameraucana crosses and Rhode Island Reds. The Ameraucana was developed by Walter Adcock of California in 1965.

The Blue Marans is another popular breed which lays blue eggs. It originated in France as part of a cross between the Maran and Ancona breeds. The Blue Marans has large combs and wattles with dark slate-blue plumage feathers around its tail area.

The Easter Egger is a chicken which lays speckled colored eggs which can range from light green to dark brown depending on the genetic makeup of this type of bird.

The Araucana chicken breed is the only breed of chicken that lays blue eggs.

The Araucana breed was developed in Chile by the Mapuche people and dates back to at least 300 BC. The Latin name of this breed comes from the Araucanian Indians who lived in Chile and Argentina. The Araucana was first imported into Europe in 1882, where it became popular as a pet because of its unusual blue eggs.

Araucanas have four toes on each foot (most chickens have five), but they are not considered to be rumpless chickens because they do not have a full fifth toe. They also have tufts of feathers on their heads and necks, which are often trimmed so that they can be seen more easily when they are egg-laying hens.

The Araucana is an active bird that loves to explore outdoors. It will scratch for worms, bugs and other treats, which makes it an excellent choice for backyard flocks that are allowed to roam freely during the day.

The Blue Egg Laying Chickens

They are the Araucana and Ameraucana chickens. They are commonly referred to as Easter Eggers because they lay blue eggs in shades of blue and green.

The Araucanas are hens that lay a blue-green egg, while the Ameraucanas lay a light blue-green or green egg. Both breeds were developed in South America, but the Araucanas were brought to the United States by British settlers in the 19th century. The Ameraucanas came from New England states.

Araucanas were first imported into Europe in 1930, where they became known as “Easter Eggs” due to their vibrant blue-green eggs as opposed to white ones which were more common at that time of year. Since then they have been imported into Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. They come in four varieties: black (which lays black eggs), blue (which lays blue eggs), white (which lays white eggs) and splash (which lays brownish colored eggs).

Ameraucanas were first introduced into Australia in 1997 where they have become very popular with backyard chicken keepers since they lay large quantities of beautiful colored eggs throughout the year. Their unique coloring allows them

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