What Breeds Of Dogs Have Black Tongues

The tongue of a dog can vary in color depending on the breed. A dog’s tongue color is usually black, but there are some exceptions.

The color of the tongue is caused by pigment in the saliva and mucus that coats it. The pigment comes from an enzyme called melanin, which is responsible for producing melanin pigment in humans and other animals. Dogs with black tongues have more melanin than dogs with pink tongues.

Breeds That Have Black Tongues

There are many breeds with black tongues, including:


English Bulldog

Dachshund (aka “wiener dog”)

What Breeds Of Dogs Have Black Tongues

There are a variety of breeds that have black tongues. Some of these include:

1) The German Shepherd Dog

2) The Labrador Retriever

3) The Chow Chow

4) The Siberian Husky

5) The Doberman Pinscher

While some breeds of dog have black tongues, most have pink tongues. In general, dogs with black tongues are less common than those with pink tongues.

The following breeds often have black tongues:

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier


Bernese Mountain Dog

Bichon Frise

Border Collie


The main thing you’ll want to look for is a dog that doesn’t have any black spots on its tongue.

Some dogs, like the German shepherd and the Labrador retriever, have tongues that are pink with no black spots. If you’re hoping to find a dog with a pink tongue, these breeds are good options.

Other breeds have partially-black tongues. The most common of these include the bulldog, Boston terrier and French bulldog. These dogs have black swirls on their tongues (though it’s hard to tell from their photos).

Finally, some breeds have completely black tongues. This includes the Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Pekingese and Pug — as well as many other smaller breeds.

A dog’s tongue is a good indicator of its health. A healthy dog has a pink to red tongue that is moist and shiny. A dry, cracked, or black tongue can be a sign of dehydration or other health problems.

Dogs’ tongues are designed to help them lap up liquids and aid in the digestion of food. The tongue also helps dogs taste their food so they know if it’s good or not. Dogs have taste buds all over their lips, mouth and gums, but they only have taste buds on the front two-thirds of their tongues.

The color of your dog’s tongue can tell you if he’s dehydrated or has some other problem with his mouth or digestive system.

Why Does My Dog’s Tongue Look Black?

There are several reasons why a dog’s tongue may appear black:

1) Dehydration: Dry mouths are common in dogs suffering from dehydration, which causes their saliva glands to produce less saliva. As a result, the mouth becomes very dry, which makes it look like there’s black coloring between their teeth when there really isn’t any pigment at all! It may also look like there are dark spots around the gums where blood vessels are located due to poor circulation due to lack

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