Are Hamsters Good Pets For 11 Year Olds

Hamsters are great pets for 11 year olds. They are low-maintenance, they don’t need a lot of space, and they’re cute!

Hamsters are small, friendly animals that can be kept in a cage or on a pet bed. They’re great for kids who like to play with toys because they will enjoy watching the hamster run around in its wheel. Hamsters also love mealworms and other treats, which most kids won’t mind giving them every day.

Hamsters can usually be trained to use a litter box instead of their cage—but if you don’t want to make sure they use their litter box every time they go to the bathroom, you should get two hamsters: one male and one female. This way there’s no chance of them getting pregnant! You’ll also need two cages so your pet doesn’t feel lonely or bored when it’s alone at night or during school hours.

In addition to being low-maintenance and easy to train, hamsters also make great companions because they are very social animals that enjoy spending time with people (although not all at once!). So if your child wants an animal that’s fun but not too hard work, consider getting,

Are Hamsters Good Pets For 11 Year Olds

Most pet hamsters are fairly easy to handle.

Most hamsters are fairly easy to handle and can be held without fear of biting. They do not often escape from their cages, and they are likely to stay in the cage if they do escape. They also do not make a mess; their droppings are small and easily cleaned up with a damp cloth or paper towel. Hamsters can be fed by hand and will take food from you with little encouragement or difficulty, making them ideal pets for children who want to learn about taking care of animals.

The hamster’s size is no bar to his popularity though, because he comes in four different sizes, all of them manageable.

Hamsters are not the most cuddly animals, but they make good pets for 11 year olds. The hamster’s size is no bar to his popularity though, because he comes in four different sizes, all of them manageable.

The Syrian hamster is the biggest and often gets as long as 10 inches when full grown. He has a big body, short legs and a long tail that makes him look like a little bear cub! This type of hamster makes an excellent pet for children under ten years old because they’re less likely to be bitten than smaller types like the dwarf or Chinese dwarf hamsters who can bite quite hard if they don’t like something that’s happening to them!


Syrian hamsters have a life span of 2-3 years, which is much longer than that of other hamster species. They are also the largest hamster species, weighing about 17g on average. Syrian hamsters have a coat of long, soft fur, which is usually dark brown to black in color. These charming little creatures have large eyes and ears that stick up from their heads so they can see what’s going on around them while they’re asleep! Syrian hamsters are nocturnal animals (active at night).

Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamster (also known as the Campbell’s Russian Dwarf or Winter White Russian Dwarf)

The dwarf Campbell’s Russian hamster is an excellent pet for a child aged 11 and up. This hamster grows to be around 5 inches long and they live between 1.5 and 2 years old, making them a great choice for kids who are able to care for their new friend over the course of several years. They’re energetic and friendly, but easy to handle—a great combination!

In addition to being fun companions, Campbell’s Russian dwarfs are also good at helping you learn responsibility as they’re content to live alone in their own cage as long as they have enough space (a minimum of 1 square foot per hamster). They also enjoy interacting with humans through playtime or cuddling time on your lap. Plus, because they love being handled so much, you’ll get lots of opportunities for teaching your child about responsible pet ownership by teaching them how not only the proper way but also why it’s important when taking care of any animal!

Roborovskii’s Dwarf Hamster (also known as the Robo Dwarf, Roborovski Hamster or Desert Hamster)

Robo Dwarf Hamsters, also known as Roborovskii’s Dwarf Hamsters or Desert Hamsters, are a small species of hamster that can live up to three years. These tiny critters are the smallest of all domestic hamster breeds and weigh no more than an ounce at maturity.

You may be wondering why such a small creature would make for a good pet for children or even adults. Here’s what we recommend:

Chinese Dwarf Hamster (also known as the Striped Dwar

Chinese hamsters are the smallest of their kind, so they make great pets for small hands. These tiny rodents have a high activity level and are faster than most other hamster species. They prefer to live in pairs, so if you choose to get one Chinese dwarf hamster, it’s best to get two at once. Chinese dwarfs generally live up to four years or more when properly cared for. If your young child is interested in getting a pet for their room or bedroom (and many kids are!), this type of hamster is an excellent choice because they’re very easy to handle and care for on a daily basis—you just need to keep them warm and comfortable while providing fresh food and water daily!

But not all children have the patience needed take care of these lively little critters: sometimes they can be destructive if left alone too long without supervision (eek!). This means that children who aren’t old enough yet may not be able to handle owning one themselves just yet; however, teaching older siblings how

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