Are You Allowed To Have A Wolf As A Pet

Are You Allowed To Have A Wolf As A Pet


Wolves are beloved creatures around the world. They are fierce, loyal, and protectors of their pack. Wolves have been depicted as heroes in literature, on film, and in folklore for centuries. Humans look at wolves with awe and admiration. It’s no surprise that people want to keep wolves as pets!

Are you allowed to have a pet wolf? In the United States, owning a pure wolf is illegal in most states. However, it’s not technically against the law to own a wolfdog.

You’re allowed to have a pet wolf if:

  • Your state allows it. State laws vary greatly when it comes to owning a wolf or wolfdog as a pet. Some states don’t allow any wolves to be owned as pets, but others may allow them in certain circumstances, such as hybrids or purebreds with special permits. In some cases, the restrictions on ownership can be quite complex and difficult for an ordinary person to decipher without legal guidance.

Some states actually do not prohibit ownership of wolves as pets at all—but these are usually very sparsely populated rural areas where there aren’t many people around for wolves to threaten anyway.*

If you are one of these people who would like to own a wolf like creature as a pet, do not give up just yet! There is still hope.

For those of you who have been considering getting a wolf like creature as a pet, and are worried that your state will not allow it, fear not! There is still hope. In fact, there are 43 states where owning a wolfdog is completely legal and you can even own several dogs at once!

In order to own one of these animals in your state, there are some things that people should know about them before they decide to adopt one. The first thing that anyone needs to know is how big these dogs get; they get pretty large which means they need room to run around outside and play with their owners. Secondly, people need to be aware that they shed year round so brushing them often is key (especially during springtime). Finally if someone plans on having more than one animal in their household then they should think twice because these animals tend not be very friendly with each other or other pets such as cats or dogs so having two wolves would probably just end up being more trouble than its worth.”

Are hybrid wolves legal? Hybrid wolves are legal in 43 American states. A hybrid wolf is an animal that has been bred with an ordinary dog of another breed or to another hybrid wolf animal.

Hybrid wolves are legal in 43 American states. A hybrid wolf is an animal that has been bred with an ordinary dog of another breed or to another hybrid wolf animal. Hybrid wolves are not allowed in the other 7 states, any of the territories or any other countries.

Hybrid wolves have many advantages over ordinary dogs. They have better hearing than your average dog and they can hear much more clearly at long distances than any other kind of dog out there today! They also have a better sense of smell than most dogs and they can detect odors much better than anyone else too! If you want a pet that can hear what’s going on around them without having to see it then this is one way to go about doing so without having trouble seeing what’s happening yourself as well.”

What states can you own a Wolfdog? Can You Have Pet Wolves? Where are Wolf Dogs Legal? Arizona Colorado Idaho Illinois Indiana Minnesota Montana North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming West Virginia

If you are considering adding a wolf to your family, it is important to know which states allow this type of exotic pet. The following list will help you decide if owning a wolfdog is right for you and the information provided in this article will assist in helping to determine where it is legal to own one.

  • Alabama: no wolves allowed
  • Alaska: yes, with permit
  • Arizona: yes, with permit
  • Arkansas: no wolves allowed
  • California: yes, with permit (except Los Angeles County)
  • Colorado: yes, with permit
  • Connecticut: no wolves allowed
  • Delaware: no wolves allowed
  • Florida: no wolves allowed
  • Georgia

5 states where wolves can be owned without restrictions (3) Alabama Florida Michigan New Jersey Washington

You can own a wolf in the following states:

Alabama, Florida, Michigan and New Jersey. You can also have a wolf in Washington if you are a Native American and have permission from your tribe. If you live in these states (or plan on moving there) and want to get a pet wolf, here’s what you need to know:

  • The city of Birmingham has an ordinance against owning wolves as pets but does allow for their ownership with certain restrictions. For example: No more than three wolves per household may be owned at any one time; the claws must be removed from those animals over four months old; and the owner must keep copies of vaccination records on site. The same goes for other cities like Chicago or Denver that allow residents to own wolves but place limitations on how many they can own at once or require health certifications before bringing them home with them!

6 states where wolves can be owned only if you go through the permitting process (4) Arkansas Kansas Maine Missouri Nevada Pennsylvania

In order to own a wolf in the United States, you must have it registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). You will also need a permit from the state where you live, as well as any other states that your wolf may travel through. If you want to keep an exotic animal in four or more states at once, then it is even more important that you get all required paperwork and permits before bringing home your new family member!

In 2011 alone there were over 2,500 wolves living in captivity across America–and many of those animals were kept by private owners who did not go through proper channels when acquiring their pets. This leads us to wonder: Is this really something people do? If so, why? And how did they get away with it??

We decided to find out more about these questions by talking with some real-life owners of pet wolves–and what we found might surprise you!

4 states where wolves cannot be owned at all (5) Alaska California Connecticut Hawaii Iowa Massachusetts Minnesota New York Rhode Island Vermont Wyoming Maine Missouri Pennsylvania Alaska California Connecticut Hawaii Iowa Massachusetts Minnesota New York Rhode Island Vermont Wisconsin

In five states, you cannot own a wolf as a pet at all. These include: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii and New York. In four other states—Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont—you can have a wolf but only with special permits. If you live in any of these states and would like to adopt a non-native wild animal as your pet then we recommend looking into the laws before making any decisions regarding your future pet’s ownership status.

states where certain counties allow ownership of wolves (6) Indiana Ohio South Dakota


The following counties in Indiana allow ownership of wolves:

  • LaGrange County, IN

2 states where only certain cities allow ownership of wolves (7) Kentucky Tennessee

In the United States, there are only two states where you can legally own a wolf as a pet: Kentucky and Tennessee.

However, there are some cities in which you can keep wolves as pets. These include Lexington, Louisville and Nashville (Tennessee), Owensboro (Kentucky) and Pikeville (TN).

In these cities, it’s important to note that you must have your pet licensed by the USDA.


Are you convinced that owning a pet wolf is the right decision for you? It’s important to keep in mind that while they can be amazing companions, they do have some unique needs. You should also be prepared to spend a lot of time training them and ensure they’re not going to be aggressive towards other pets or people. But if after all this research you still want one as much as I did when I first started looking into it – then go ahead!

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