How much does a pet dog cost

How much does a pet dog cost


Owning a dog is not cheap, but the costs can be brought down with a bit of planning and preparation.

To buy a dog

When it comes to the cost of a pet dog, there are two main costs: the initial purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

The initial purchase price can vary widely depending on what kind of dog you want, where you purchase it from and whether or not any additional health checks are required.

For example, buying from a breeder is likely to require more money than buying from a rescue centre or an animal shelter. A purebred puppy can cost anywhere between £200-£5k whereas most rescue dogs will be much cheaper at around £50-£400.


You’ll need to feed your dog a good diet. If it’s not a raw diet, then you’ll have to buy food for your dog. You can buy this from the supermarket or spend more on specialised foods from pet stores.

You should talk with your vet about what sort of food would be best for your particular breed of dog. They will be able to help you choose something good, as well as advising how much to feed them each day and how often they should eat it!

Veterinary care

You should also be sure to budget for veterinary care, as well as food and other supplies. For example, a standard set of shots will cost about $300 for a puppy, or $200 for an older dog. The price of yearly vaccinations ranges from about $100 to $200 depending on your vet’s location and type of vaccine you purchase. Heartworm prevention is another common expense; expect to pay between $13-20 per month depending on the type you use and the size of your pet.


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You may spend more than expected on your pet.

You may spend more than expected on your pet.

  • You will need supplies to take care of your dog, including food, grooming products and toys. The cost varies depending on the type of dog you get and how often you buy supplies.
  • You should expect to pay for a license and possibly vaccinations if required by law in your area.


To become a pet owner, you have to be prepared for the costs. The cost of a dog can vary from $500 to $1000 depending on its breed and size. If you are adopting a stray dog from an animal shelter, then the cost will be less than this average range. Other factors such as where you live in the country also influence price tags but not too much. With proper maintenance, your dog can live for over 10 years so it is worth investing that little bit extra even if it means paying higher monthly bills every month or two!

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