How much does a pet fox cost

How much does a pet fox cost


The internet is saturated with pictures of pet foxes. They’re beautiful and fluffy and seem like they would be an ideal companion. However, there are many hidden costs associated with owning a fox, many of which are not usually taken into consideration when deciding whether to purchase one.

The cost of a fox.

The cost of a fox is about $100. The cost of a fox depends on the breed and age of the animal, where it’s purchased, and whether or not you have to pay for veterinary care.

Some breeds are more expensive than others because they are rarer and therefore less available. For example, the Silver Fox has been bred in captivity since 1889 but is still considered to be very valuable because there aren’t many of them out there! If you’re looking for a Silver Fox as your pet, know that you’ll probably end up paying $1500+. However if you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer until it’s old enough (the average age was 2 months old when adopted by humans), then this type won’t be too difficult to find at all!

Costs associated with the acquisition of a fox.

The initial cost of raising a pet fox is likely to be higher than the costs associated with other pets, such as dogs or cats. The cost of obtaining a fox starts at around $1,000, but can run much higher depending on where you live and how much you want to invest in its care.

In addition to the initial purchase price, there are several ongoing costs associated with owning a pet fox. You will need to provide it with fresh water every day and clean out its cage at least once per week. In addition, your pet will require vaccinations and regular checkups by an exotic animal veterinarian; these will generally cost between $50-$100 per visit depending on where you live. If your pet becomes ill or injured while under your care, additional treatment may be required; these costs will vary widely depending on what treatment is needed and where it’s provided (for example: an emergency animal hospital vs private practice).

Where can I get a fox?

You will need to check your local laws before acquiring a fox. In some cities, owning a fox is illegal and can result in hefty fines or even jail time. Many states also have restrictions on which animals you can own as pets, so it’s best to check your local laws before getting a pet fox (or any other exotic animal).

If you’re interested in buying from an individual rather than adopting from an official shelter or rescue organization, there are no regulations on the sale of wild animals across state lines. However, this does not mean that purchasing such an animal is legal in all areas—you’ll still want to check with your city council first regarding whether they allow private ownership of wild animals within their jurisdiction. If they do allow it, then ask around at local stores that sell exotic pets including breeders who might be able to recommend reputable breeders in the area where they live and work.

Health considerations when owning a fox.

As you can imagine, not only are foxes expensive to purchase but they also require a lot of care. Before even bringing one home, you should typically expect to pay around $1,000 for the initial cost of a fox. This includes:

  • Vet visits
  • Medications
  • Food and bedding
  • Cage or enclosure

If you are planning on taking your new pet out in public often—especially if it is not well trained yet—you will need to factor in the costs of training classes and professional grooming services. Foxes also require toys for playtime!

Veterinary requirements.

You’ll need to budget for these requirements in addition to your pet fox’s purchase price:

  • Vaccinations, deworming and flea control (if needed)
  • Spaying or neutering your pet fox
  • Vet visits for routine care as well as sicknesses and injuries (including teeth cleaning)

Foxes are adorable, but they can be costly to keep as pets.

Foxes are adorable, but they can be costly to keep as pets.

They’re not easy to care for either. They need regular vet visits and vaccinations just like cats and dogs do. They also need daily exercise and playtime to keep them happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. And if you have any other animals living with you at home—especially small children or elderly relatives—you should think twice before adopting a fox into your family because foxes can bite or even cause serious injuries if they get agitated enough by another animal or person in their presence.”


As you can see, foxes are not cheap pets. You need a lot of space, lots of time to play with them and train them (and they’re very smart!), and a budget for veterinary care. If you do decide to get one, be sure to research how it will affect your life and what you’ll need before bringing home this new little bundle of fur!

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