How much does a pet octopus cost

How much does a pet octopus cost


At first glance, owning an octopus seems like a pretty wild idea. However, it’s not as outlandish as you might think. Octopuses are undeniably fascinating creatures and can make for interesting pets. But how much does an octopus cost? If you’re thinking about getting one of your own eight-legged friends, these are the factors to weigh:

Between $600 to $1,500.

While the cost of a pet octopus varies greatly depending on the species, size and time of year, there are some generalizations that can be made.

For example, you’ll likely pay more for a larger octopus than you would for a smaller one. The same goes for those who live in urban areas or areas with significant shipping channels.

A lot more than you might expect.

You can get a pet octopus for less than $600. You can get one for less than $1,500. You can get one for less than $2,500. You can even get one for less than $3,500!

This is fairly good news if you’re thinking about buying an octopus as a pet and have not yet made up your mind about it. The reason why those prices are so cheap compared to the ones I’ve listed above is because most of those animals have been bred in captivity—which means their parents were also pets (or at least domesticated) before being released into the wild again once they reached sexual maturity.

Octopuses are expensive to keep as pets.

  • Cost of food and supplies: $500 to $2,500 per year
  • Cost of upkeep: $50 to $200 every three months
  • Cost of equipment: $1,000 to $5,000 depending on size and shape. Octopuses need a cage that is at least double the length of their body (the bigger the better). They also require a tank with lots of live rock for them to hide in and around. The average price for this kind of setup is about $10-$20 per pound—so if you want a ten-gallon tank filled with rocks and sand (which would be ideal), plan on spending about $100-$200.
  • Insurance for your pet octopus can cost you up around 0% annually—or more if its health issues are chronic or severe. A sickly octopus could end up costing as much as % – % annually!

The best way to avoid these problems? Buy an octopus from a reputable breeder who specializes in raising healthy ones without defects or genetic problems. These types of breeders tend not only sell quality animals but they also provide excellent after-sale care support so that owners don’t have any trouble caring for their pets properly once they’ve bought one

The initial cost is high, but the long-term costs are even higher.

The initial cost of an octopus is high, but not nearly as high as the long-term costs. You see, you’ll have to feed your pet a varied diet of shrimp and fish. That’s expensive enough on its own, but you also have to consider that octopuses are intelligent creatures who require a great deal of attention. They’re incredibly active, which means they need large tanks with plenty of toys and decorations to keep them entertained. Plus, because they’re so intelligent (and cute), many owners choose to give their pets time out of the tank so they can interact with them more closely—but this means additional care costs! So while your initial investment might seem like it was worth it when you first take home your new friend…

Even if you have a lot of money, it’s not worth it.

Even if you have a lot of money, it’s not worth it. Octopus ownership is not a good choice for most people. They require a lot of care and maintenance, their diet is difficult to maintain and they are not very interactive or fun pets. Octopuses are also not the best choice for kids, who may find them difficult to care for (they don’t need cuddling) or boring after awhile, since there aren’t many games that can be played with an octopus.

As you can see, owning an octopus isn’t cheap or easy—in fact, it’s probably one of the least practical pets you could get! If you’re still set on getting one though (or if your parents won’t let you have a dog), here are some tips on how to make sure your pet octopus won’t die within the first week:


Buying an octopus may seem like it would be fun, but it’s really not. Not only is the cost prohibitive for many people, but octopuses are expensive to keep as pets. You might think that you can get away with spending less than $600 on an octopus, but once you factor in all of the things you’ll have to buy to keep your pet happy and healthy, you’ll end up spending much more than that. Even if you have a lot of money, buying an octopus is expensive and time consuming – something that most people don’t want to deal with on a daily basis!

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