How much does a pet pigeon cost

How much does a pet pigeon cost


Pet pigeons are a unique and rewarding pet. Unfortunately, the cost of a pigeon can sometimes be quite high. While you may be tempted to run out and buy the first thing that you see, it’s important to remember that these little ones will become part of your family and will require some care and attention. A pet pigeon is not just any other pet and requires more than just food and water to thrive. In order to ensure that your new addition is happy, healthy, and well cared for you should invest in some basic supplies such as food bowls, toys, treats, perches, etc., before bringing them home with you. If you’re thinking about getting into pigeons for the first time or are looking for ways to reduce costs then keep reading!

A single pigeon will cost less than $30.

A single pigeon will cost less than $30. The average price for a pair of pigeons is around $60 to $75, but the price can go up depending on the breed. If you’re looking for something exotic, expect to pay up to $100 or more for each bird!

If you want to get three birds at once and see if your bond with them works out before committing yourself to owning all of them, then by all means go ahead and do this! You can expect that each bird will cost around $50 apiece from different breeders.

Two pigeons will cost between $60 and $70.

Pigeons eat about 4 ounces of food each day, which costs about $2 a week. A pigeon cage can cost from $50 to $500, depending on how large it is and what materials were used to make it. Maintaining a cage takes time and effort, but it’s often well worth the investment because pigeons are social animals that thrive when they’re with other birds and humans.

Pigeon caretakers need to clean their cages regularly—weekly for smaller cages and daily for larger ones—and replace all of the shavings or hay if they become soiled or wet. They also need to keep fresh water available at all times; while this isn’t particularly expensive (about $1 per week), it requires constant vigilance by the owner in order to ensure that no birds die from dehydration due to neglectful caretakers who forget about them!

The average price for three pigeons is around $90.

When you’re looking at the expenses of having a pigeon, it’s important to consider all the different costs involved. For example, if you get one pigeon off Craigslist for free, the cost of food and supplies might be negligible compared with what you would spend if you bought three pigeons from an avian specialist. You may also need to invest in a loft or coop if your chosen space isn’t appropriate. Additionally, there will be ongoing costs like vet care and transportation that must be taken into consideration as well.

You should also think about how much training your bird needs before being able to fly back home from its release point (which depends on how far away that is). Any additional training needed before racing can also factor into this total cost as well; some racers spend thousands of dollars on their birds every year in order to ensure their success on race day!

Finally, it’s important not only consider the initial price tag but also whether or not owning pigeons makes sense financially when considering other factors such as maintenance costs versus income generated by selling them after they reach maturity (usually around 10 years old). Many people find themselves spending more money than they earn each year due mainly because they don’t know what time commitment owning these birds entails—but now we do!

Owning a pigeon can be inexpensive and fun.

Owning a pigeon can be inexpensive and fun. Pigeons are easy to care for, easy to find, easy to train, easy to bond with, easy to travel with and most importantly: they are not expensive. With pigeons you’ll never have a problem finding that perfect pet. They’re available in almost every color imaginable; from white, yellow and grey (pigeon varieties) to blue and green (parakeet varieties). You can choose from all different kinds of breeds too like English or Dutch short-faced tumblers or doves which make wonderful companions for kids or adults!

Priced at around $10-$25 per bird it doesn’t get much cheaper than owning your own house pet like this one! With rising costs of living today it just makes sense that everyone should invest in their future by purchasing these sweet little birds who will provide years worth of entertainment without breaking your wallet anytime soon!


You should consider the cost of a pet pigeon carefully before you buy it. Of course, other costs like vet visits and food for your bird will be ongoing expenses that you should factor into your budget as well.

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