How much does a pet sitter make an hour

How much does a pet sitter make an hour


People typically love to own a pet, but they do not always have the time necessary to care for their pets. As a result, pet owners will often seek out a pet sitter, who is responsible for taking care of all of their pet-related needs, including feeding and grooming them. A pet sitter can also provide emotional support and companionship during times when someone may be feeling lonely and need some company.

What do you need to know about pet sitting?

  • Find a pet sitter.
  • Pay the pet sitter.

Where to find a pet sitter?

You can find a pet sitter by:

  • Looking in your local area. Your first line of defense is to look in your own neighborhood or town. You can ask friends and family, check out the classifieds, or even post a flyer at the local park.
  • Searching online for one that specializes in pet sitting services. If you’re having trouble finding someone near you, try using Google search to look for “pet sitter near me” or other similar phrases that give more detail about what kind of service you’re looking for—for example, if they have experience working with dogs only (or cats only), if they offer overnight stays at home versus just playing with pets while their owners are away, etcetera…!

How much does a pet sitter make an hour?

In general, pet sitters can expect to make $10 to $20 per hour. Of course, there are some situations where you may be able to charge more and others where you’ll have to settle for less. The rate structure is usually based on the type of pet, so working with a favorite breed or type of animal will boost your hourly pay rate.

The average rate for cat care is around $15-20 per hour, while dog care brings in about $20-25 per hour. You can also expect to make a little bit more if your client has multiple pets or is looking for overnight service (which typically pays an extra $5-10). If you’re willing and able to take on exotic animals like snakes, birds or even horses (yes, horses), then you could earn considerably more!

If you aren’t sure what kind of pay scale other sitters are getting from their clients in your area, ask them how much they charge per visit so that you’ll know what ballpark figure to shoot for when negotiating with potential employers yourself.”

What are the top 3 pet sitting websites?



Should I hire a professional or ask a friend or relative?

When it comes to choosing whether you should hire a professional pet sitter or ask someone you know, there are pros and cons to both options.

Professional Pet Sitters


They are insured, trained, and have more experience than friends or relatives. This is especially important when you have large animals like dogs or cats that may not be used to being left alone in your home for long periods of time.


Professional pet sitters can be expensive depending on the level of service you choose (for example regular visits versus overnight stays).

A pet is an important investment, so it makes sense to hire a good quality walker

Hiring a professional can save you time, money and liability. It’s also important to think about your pet as an investment. A good quality walker will ensure that your dog or cat is taken care of properly while they are in their care. Pet sitting services generally charge anywhere from $25-$40 per hour (depending on where you live), so it’s definitely worth the money to make sure your beloved friend isn’t just dropped off at some kennel when you go away for a weekend or even longer.


You may be thinking, “This is all well and good, but it’s so much easier to just hire someone from Craigslist.” Well, we say that if you want your pet to have the best care possible, you should look for a professional dog walker. Not only are they better trained in the specifics of caring for pets than an average person, but they’re also more accountable because of how much money they make per hour.

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