How much does a pet squirrel cost

How much does a pet squirrel cost


For some people, the most important question is “How much does a pet squirrel cost?” Fortunately, there are answers. We’ve broken down all the costs involved in this guide and even provided tips on how to save money. If you’re considering adopting a pet squirrel, read on!

Adoption fees.

The cost of adopting a pet squirrel will vary from facility to facility. Some organizations may charge more than others, depending on what they offer as part of the adoption package. However, most are fairly similar in pricing and have minimal costs associated with taking in new animals.

The average price for a pet squirrel ranges between $75-$100, which is usually collected as an adoption fee or donation. The majority of shelters and rescue groups rely on these funds to support their care of animals at their facilities as well as provide food and other supplies needed by the animals while they are being adopted out into homes or permanent sanctuaries.

Vet bills.

The cost of vet bills can be really high. Squirrels can get sick, and they need to see a doctor just like any other animal. But what makes their medicine more expensive is the fact that they are exotic animals. If you don’t know where to go, your local vet may not either!

But don’t worry; there are ways to save money on vet bills:

  • Call around to different vets in your area and ask if they have discounts for exotic animals. A lot of times when I call around, I find out that one place has an amazing discount because they want to do something good for the community and also want to keep their business afloat!
  • Check with your local animal shelter first—they might have a program set up where you can bring in homeless squirrels (or other types of small mammals) and get them vaccinated for free! And then those same vaccinations will apply when you go back home after getting them checked out by a professional at the clinic; the only thing separating wild from domesticated here is whether or not it’s legal within city boundaries!

Other fees.

Other fees you will have to consider include your pet’s food and bedding. Food can be purchased at pet stores or online, depending on whether your squirrels are wild or domesticated. If they are wild, then they will eat a variety of nuts, fruits and insects found in their natural habitat.

Domesticated squirrels need more than this, however; they will require additional nutrients such as calcium and vitamins A, D3 and E that are often missing from their diet. You can give these to them by feeding them cat food or dog kibble with cheese added to it (squirrels love cheese).

You’ll also need to get a cage for housing your pet squirrels if you don’t have one already—a small enclosure should do the trick! There are many different types of cages available on Amazon ranging from $20-$100 depending on size/material used etc.. Keep in mind that larger cages may require more maintenance since there’s more surface area for bacteria buildup over time so keep those cleaning supplies handy!

Pet squirrels can be expensive, but there are a lot of ways to save money.

The cost of a pet squirrel varies depending on the animal’s age, gender and condition. You should expect to pay at least $50 for an adult squirrel. However, if you adopt a baby squirrel from a shelter or rescue group, the adoption fee might be as low as $10.

Shelters have guidelines for how much they charge for their animals based on their age and health status. If you adopt from a reputable shelter or rescue group, your money will go toward providing food and care for other animals in need of adoption at that shelter or rescue group’s facility.

Keep in mind that some shelters require an adoption application fee before they will allow you to take home your new pet. A standard application usually costs around $30-$40 but may vary based on location; it covers all of the fees associated with adopting an animal out of foster care into its forever home (such as administrative costs like housing/food).


You can save money by buying your pet squirrel from a breeder instead of a pet store, or by adopting from an animal shelter. The biggest costs associated with owning a pet squirrel are vet bills, which will depend on what kind of health issues you have and where you live. There’s also the cost of food and other supplies like cages, toys, etc., but if you’re willing to do some work yourself then this shouldn’t be an issue at all! So as long as you’re willing to put in some effort, it might be worth considering owning one of these adorable critters!

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