How much does cremation cost for a cat

How much does cremation cost for a cat


If your cat has died, you’ll likely want to properly take care of the remains. There are a few ways to do this, including burial in a pet cemetery and cremation—both at the vet’s office and with an outside service. The average cost of cat cremation ranges from about $50-$450 depending on your preferences for services like memorials or urns. See below for more on what factors affect the price of cremating a cat.

Basic cremation costs

Cremation costs are dependent on three things: the size of your pet, which type of crematory you use, and what kind of service you choose. The average cost for small animals ranges from $150 to $400; medium-sized pets (such as cats) cost between $250 and $500; large dogs can run over $600. If your pet is obese or overweight, however, the price will be higher due to increased processing time.

If you opt for an urn instead of a burial plot at a cemetery or pet cemetery, expect to pay an additional fee that can range anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars depending on how elaborate it is. But if you prefer cremation without an urn—and many people do—the price won’t increase because there’s no extra work involved beyond standard procedure: The ash remains are returned in their container just as they were received by the crematorium staff when they picked up the body in person or via mail delivery (which may require additional postage). In this case there are no extra fees associated with selecting an urn versus returning ashes in their original container (though some facilities charge more for shipping than others).

Special packaging and handling fees

Special fees for special packaging and handling may apply. These include:

  • Special services.
  • Special handling of remains.
  • Special packaging of remains.

Return services

  • The return service costs $500 and includes the following:
  • An engraved headstone or marker that will be placed at your pet’s final resting place.
  • The cremation container with all of the ashes enclosed, including any remaining ashes from previous services. In some cases, a portion of these remains may have been previously scattered by family members or friends; this is called “cremains” or “cremated remains.”
  • A small vial containing a small amount of bone fragments for you to keep as keepsakes.
  • A DNA kit so you can test for genetic disease in future generations through your cat’s offspring (if applicable).
  • A plush toy designed after your cat (if applicable).

Is it safe to bury my cat

A pet cemetery will be a far safer choice. Cats are not very good at digging and burying themselves, which means that they’re especially vulnerable to being dug up by other animals. Children and adults may also dig them up if they find your cat’s grave.

There are many dangers associated with burying your cat in your yard:

  • Your neighbor’s dog could get into the box and injure itself trying to get to your pet’s remains
  • You or another family member might accidentally step on the box and fall in, injuring themselves
  • Someone could come by and steal the coffin for use as a child’s playhouse or storage shed

The cost of cremating a cat depends on what you want and what is included in the price, but average prices are around $85.

The cost of cremating a cat depends on what you want and what is included in the price, but average prices are around $85. The average cost of cremating a cat is between $85 and $100. If you make arrangements for your pet’s death before they pass away, you can save money by paying in advance or purchasing a package that includes things like urns or caskets. If not, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for these extra services after they’ve passed away. Although there may be some variation from one local crematory to another, it’s important to note that all facilities perform similar tasks when preparing remains for burial; therefore they should charge similar prices regardless of where they work.


Cremation is a wonderful way to say goodbye to your cat and keep their memory alive forever. The process is not only affordable but also very safe. We hope that this article has helped you understand how much it costs and given you some peace of mind in making the decision whether or not cremation is right for your family.

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