How much does getting a cat spayed cost

How much does getting a cat spayed cost


If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, spaying is an important thing to consider. Spaying can help keep your cat healthy, reduce her risk of breast cancer by 90%, and prevent unwanted pregnancies. So how much does it cost to get a cat spayed? Let’s take a look.

The price of spaying a cat varies widely depending on your location, the cat’s age and size, and the veterinarian you use.

The price of spaying a cat varies widely depending on your location, the cat’s age and size, and the veterinarian you use.

In general, however:

  • The younger your cat is when she gets spayed (the so-called “juvenile” stage), the lower your cost will be. For example, kittens under six months old may cost around $100–$200 while adult cats will likely cost more.
  • Bigger cats also tend to be more expensive than smaller ones because they require additional time for anesthesia recovery and sutures that are larger in diameter than those used on smaller animals.
  • You’ll generally pay less at an animal shelter or rescue group than a private veterinarian’s office.

The average price for cat spaying ranges from $45 to $120.

As with most veterinary procedures, the cost of cat spaying varies by location and veterinarian. The average price for cat spaying ranges from $45 to $120, but you can expect to pay more in areas where veterinary care is pricey or less if you opt for a low-cost clinic.

It also depends on your cat’s age and size. Younger cats tend to be less expensive because they’re smaller and healthier; kittens are usually between five months old and one year old when they’re neutered. Larger animals like female cats who weigh more than 12 pounds or male cats who weigh over 15 pounds will be more expensive.

You may be able to get cat spaying assistance from a local animal shelter or animal welfare organization.

If you’re trying to save money on cat spaying, you may be able to get assistance from your local animal shelter or non-profit organization.

Some shelters offer free spay/neuter services, while others provide financial assistance or a sliding scale based on income. Some even offer vouchers that can be used at certain vets in the community. If you adopt an animal from the shelter, they might give you a discounted rate on the procedure!

There are some regional clinics that spay cats for less than cost.

There are also some regional clinics that spay cats for less than cost. These discounts can be based on age, income or status as a student or veteran. For example, one clinic may offer a discount if your cat is pregnant and another may offer a discount for senior citizens.

The fees for spaying your cat will vary depending on the clinic you choose to use and its policies regarding pricing.

You can search online to find out if there are any low-cost clinics in your area that offer spaying services.

If you don’t have a cat spay clinic in your area, check with your veterinarian. Many vets will offer low-cost spay clinics to help prevent overpopulation in their area.

If the closest clinic is out of the question, online search engines can be useful for finding another option that might be closer to home.

When you get your cat spayed, you can save money by doing some research ahead of time, but it’s still going to cost something.

When you bring your cat in for surgery, the cost of cat spaying will vary depending on where you go. Some private clinics and animal hospitals charge more than others, but even within the same facility, prices can vary widely depending on how much work is done during the procedure. In some cases, your veterinarian may elect to perform additional procedures such as removing a uterine tumor (which would raise the price). At other times, he or she may need to perform an additional procedure because there was an unexpected complication during surgery (which would also raise the price).

The good news is that average prices for feline spay surgeries range from $45 to $75 at most veterinary offices across the country—and even lower if done at an animal shelter or humane society facility instead of privately owned business.


Once again, spaying your cat certainly isn’t free. However, it’s an important part of being a responsible pet owner and will save you money in the long run by preventing unwanted kittens from being born. You may find that getting a cat spayed is cheaper than expected or even completely covered by a local organization. Even if it seems like there’s no way around having to pay for it now, remember that you’ll be saving money later on with fewer vet bills!

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