How much does it cost for a pet sitter

How much does it cost for a pet sitter


When you’re preparing to leave town for a last-minute business trip or vacation, there’s a lot to consider. Will your neighbor remember to water your plants? Which friends are available and willing to look after your pets? What will you do if you get a call from the sitter that Fido is sick? Hiring a professional pet sitter can be expensive, but it can alleviate stress while being away from your furry loved ones.

We’ve researched all the costs associated with pet sitting so you can rest easy knowing all the factors that go into hiring someone to look after your pets.

How much does it cost for a pet sitter?

If you have more than one pet, expect to pay more for your care. If you have multiple pets requiring extensive care, expect to pay even more. Cost also varies depending on location. The further away from the center of town that a sitter has to travel, the higher their expenses will be.

Finally, cost depends on number of pets and care requirements. Some people feel that it’s expensive to hire someone else to take care of their dogs since they’re not used to paying someone else money for their own dogs’ health and safety; others see it as an investment in quality time spent with their precious companions because they can’t give them all the attention they need during regular working hours every day or so on top of everything else going on in their lives.”

Professional pet sitters can charge anywhere from $20 a day to $90 a day depending on your location, the number of pets and their care requirements.

The cost of hiring a pet sitter depends on the type of pet sitter you want to hire, the number of pets you have and the care requirements for each animal. For example, a professional dog walker will charge more than an amateur who has just started out in this business.

The cost also varies depending on your location and whether or not you want them to stay overnight at your house while you’re away. Some pet sitters charge per visit while others charge by the hour or per event (for example, if your cat needs medication that takes several hours).

Professional services are generally less expensive than amateur services because they require more training and experience in caring for animals.

A standard flat fee runs between $25 to $60 per visit and includes the first pet.

A standard flat fee runs between $25 to $60 per visit and includes the first pet. Additional pets are charged at a discounted rate, typically 20% less than the first pet. For example, someone who has two cats would pay $20 per visit for one cat and then $15 for the second cat.

Cats are typically more expensive than dogs because of their unique needs, such as litter boxes and food bowls that need daily cleaning and refilling. At Sitters4pets, we charge a flat rate of $30 per day for cats compared with our standard dog rate of just over $20 per day—a 33% difference! This is because we know that cat owners need more time spent caring for their feline companions than dog owners do with their canine friends.

Pet sitting costs between $20 a day to $90 a day.

How much does pet sitting cost?

The exact price of pet sitting depends on several factors, such as:

  • Location: The cost of living varies widely among cities and states. A sitter in New York City will charge more than a sitter in rural Kansas because it’s more expensive to live here.
  • Number of pets: Some dogs require twice as much care as other dogs, so they may cost twice as much to board while you’re away. The same goes for cats and other animals too!
  • Number of visits per day: Some pets require very little attention and can be left alone for long periods of time; others require constant interaction with their owners or even supervision around food sources like trash cans or feces piles outside the house (yuck!). If your dog has separation anxiety and needs several walks every day, that could add up quickly!
  • Care requirements: Some pets need daily brushing or baths; others don’t need cleaning at all except maybe an occasional bathtub dip during summers when fleas are out in full force! This can also add up quickly if your animals have been known to shed excessively throughout winter months due to changes in temperature/humidity levels outside their home environment where they might normally rest comfortably during those times when humans aren’t present inside said space either nearby nor far away from one another.”


Overall, pet sitting is a great option for pet owners on the go. Not only will you be able to enjoy your time away from home without worrying about the well-being of your furry best friend, but also rest assured that they’re in good hands by having a pet sitter come over and take care of them

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