How much does it cost to board a dog

How much does it cost to board a dog


Telling a dog owner that pet boarding is expensive won’t come as much of a surprise. But if you really want to get a dog lover worked up, bring up the cost of doggy daycare. It’s one thing for the vet to take your best friend for a night or two when you go out of town, but it can be quite another to shell out up to $30 per day for your pup to hang out with other dogs until you get home from work. You might think that means it makes more financial sense to board your pooch while you’re gone rather than separating him or her from you while you’re at work every day. And in some cases—for example, if you have an elderly or sick dog—that may hold true. But overall, dog boarding makes more sense than doggy daycare only in rare circumstances and will cost you dearly otherwise. Here’s how the math breaks down:

Average cost of doggy daycare

According to, the average cost of doggy daycare is $24 per day, which works out to an average annual cost of $1440. This average is based on a nationwide survey of over 100 pet daycares in the United States and Canada.

The average cost of doggy boarding is calculated using data collected by, whose users submitted pricing information for over 2,000 facilities nationwide. According to their findings, the median price was $27 per night (or $720 per week), resulting in an annual figure of $2040; however, it’s important to note that this figure doesn’t take into account any discounts offered by individual facilities or any other factors such as special services provided (e.g., veterinary care).

The final two averages—for dog-walking services and in-home care—were generated from information collected through’s database about more than 20 different providers throughout the US and Canada who provide these services at various hourly rates

Doggy daycare alternatives

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to boarding your dog, one option is doggy daycare. Doggy daycare can be a great way to give your pup some much-needed time off from the house and socialize them with other dogs, but it’s important that you know what kind of facility you need before making a decision.

Doggy daycares come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that you do some research on different facilities and find the right fit for your dog. When choosing a daycare, ask questions about things like:

  • How long has the facility been around?
  • What is their staff-to-dog ratio?
  • What type of certification do they have (e.g., American Kennel Club)?

How to save money on doggy daycare

  • Look for local dog parks. Many cities have one or more off-leash areas where you can let your pup run around with other dogs and get some exercise. If you’re lucky, these parks may offer a very reduced price for their doggy daycare services (or even offer them for free).
  • Search online for coupons and discounts. There are many online businesses that sell coupons to local businesses such as pet stores, groomers, and boarding facilities. If there’s one available for the facility where you would like to board your dog then it will save you money on your boarding fees!
  • Ask about reduced rates or multiple dog discounts if possible. You might be able to lower the price of each individual day by asking about this option when making an appointment or dropping off/picking up your furry friend at the facility itself.

When dog boarding makes more sense than doggy daycare

Dog boarding makes a lot more sense than doggy daycare if:

  • You have a special needs dog.
  • Your dog is too old to be left alone.
  • You are traveling or going on an extended vacation, and it’s not easy or safe for your dog to travel with you.
  • You are going on a business trip, but can’t bring your dog along because the hotel doesn’t allow animals in guest rooms (or their policy doesn’t fit with yours).

Doggy daycare is usually cheaper than boarding.

It’s true. Currently, dog boarding averages about $30 per day for one dog. This is a big cost for many people who don’t have the budget to pay this amount on a regular basis. Doggy daycare is cheaper than boarding because you don’t have to pay for the boarding facility; only the care and attention of the dog walkers (and they’re getting paid less).


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