How Much Does It Cost To Have A Pet Cremated

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Pet Cremated


If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how difficult it can be. Pets become beloved members of the family and losing them is like losing a friend or relative. Some people opt to have their pets cremated after they die, so that they can keep some last mementos of their furry companions. But if you’re not sure about choosing cremation for your pet, we’ll tell you what it costs and give you some other options to consider.

Prices for pet cremation can vary.

Prices for pet cremation can vary. For example, a cremation service might charge $150 to cremate a cat and $500 for a dog. If you choose to have your pet buried, the cost of burial generally ranges from about $175 to more than $1,000 depending on the size of your pet’s resting place. If you opt to scatter ashes in an outdoor space or bury them in a cemetery plot, prices range from about $200 to more than $3,000.

Factors That Affect Cost of Pet Cremation

  • Age of the pet
  • Size of the pet
  • Pet cremation service you choose

These are all factors that can affect the cost of a pet cremation.

National Average Costs Of Pet Cremation

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates pet cremation costs at between $195 and $800, depending on the size of your pet and whether or not you want them displayed in a memorial urn.

The average cost of a basic cremation is around $200, but it can rise to over $1,000 for some exotic animals. If you opt for an eco-friendly cremation service, this may raise your costs by anywhere from $50 to $150 (the more eco-friendly they are).

It costs between $20 and $400 to have a pet cremated.

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While there are many ways to remember a pet, a special gesture like pet cremation can be a meaningful way to honor your friend after their life is gone. Preparing for this important moment ahead of time can help ease some of the burden in a difficult time. Remember that pet cremation prices vary widely depending on what options you choose and where you live, but it is worth taking the time now to decide what kind of service you want and how you will pay for it.

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