How Much Does It Cost To Kennel A Dog

How Much Does It Cost To Kennel A Dog


In an ideal world, every dog owner would have a friend or family member to watch their pooch while they are away. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you need to find someone to watch your pup while you’re out of town, the best first step is doing some research on local kennels. Make sure you know what services they offer and if there’s anything else that might cost extra when you go. You should also make sure your dog will be comfortable in the kennel by asking questions about things like feeding routines, playtime hours and how much time your dog can spend outside before being put into his or her kennel for the night.

Boarder costs

If you’re planning to board your dog, it’s important to find a kennel that offers quality service. The cost of boarding varies by facility and city, but on average it costs between $20 and $70 per night at most facilities.

To find the right place for your pet, look for a place that:

  • Offers overnight care—Many facilities offer daycare as well as overnight services; if this is what you need, make sure there are options available before signing up with any particular place.
  • Has good reviews—Online reviews are a great way to check out the reputation of different places without actually visiting each one in person! Look up reviews from websites like Yelp or Google Maps and read carefully through them before making an appointment or reserving space online (if possible). You may even want to contact past clients directly if possible so they can tell you firsthand about their experiences at different kennels (and how much those experiences cost).

Vaccination requirements

Before bringing your dog to a kennel, make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations. If you need to get your dog vaccinated, do so before leaving. Many kennels require pets to be current on rabies and distemper/parvovirus vaccines in order to stay at the facility. If your pet is not up-to-date on these vaccinations, you can get booster shots at most veterinarians’ offices or local animal shelters (which may also provide low-cost services).

Extras and other fees you should know about

As you are getting set to board your dog, it’s important to ask about any extra fees that may be required. For example, if your dog requires help with special diets or grooming, the kennel will likely charge for these services. Also make sure that you know what kind of training and other services are included in the cost.

make sure to check out the kennel before you go

One of the most important steps in choosing a kennel is checking out the kennel before you go. If you don’t have time, ask someone else to go for you. You should be able to take a tour of the facility and talk to staff members or owners. Ask if they are willing to give you references from other clients, and contact these people if possible (but don’t let them influence your decision).

Ask about their policies and rules: how long dogs stay at their facility, what happens when dogs get sick or injured? Does the kennel keep records on illnesses passed between dogs? What types of training methods do they use with animals? Do they have any restrictions on breeds or sizes of dogs accepted; will my puppy grow into an adult large enough for their cages? Is there space for outdoor exercise for my dog? How much does it cost per day; is there an option where I pay monthly in advance so that I’m not billed each time my dog stays overnight in case I need a couple extra days’ worth of care while traveling around town visiting friends and family over Christmas break (or whatever holiday season you might have this year).


Whether you’re thinking about boarding your dog for a long trip or just for the weekend, there are many things to consider. You’ll need to decide on whether or not you want a private boarding house or a day care facility that takes dogs overnight as well. There are pros and cons with both options, but ultimately they’re all good choices depending on what type of service you need and how much money you have available. When it comes down to choosing one over the other though there are several factors that should be considered including cost, location, safety record (how long has this establishment been around?), and personal preference (previous experience with these kennels). Hopefully this list helps guide your decision making process so next time someone asks “how much does it cost per day?” they’ll get an answer they’re happy with!

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