How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Horse

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Horse


When you’re ready to move your horse, you know how stressful it can be. You’ll want to take great care in choosing a company that specializes in shipping horses, and in choosing the right way to ship him or her. This article will tell you about the different modes of transport available for horses, and what factors affect the cost of transporting a horse.

How much does it cost to ship a horse?

While the average cost of shipping a horse from the US to Canada is about $1,500 – $2,000, this can vary depending on the distance traveled and other factors. The farther you ship your animal, and/or the larger they are (e.g., draft horses), will increase your price significantly.

If you live in Canada or other countries with strict regulations regarding equine imports, then it will likely cost more as well. For example: if you’re shipping a large draft horse to Canada from the United States then their weight alone could increase your fees by at least $1,000 USD!

Other factors that can affect how much it costs to ship a horse are if they have any health issues or whether they’re pregnant (which requires extra precautions).

What factors affect the cost of shipping a horse?

Shipping a horse can be difficult to calculate, as there are endless factors that affect the price. Some of these include:

  • The distance you’re shipping the horse
  • The size of your horse
  • The weight of your horse
  • Weather conditions (if you’re shipping in winter or summer)
  • Shipping company and type of shipping (i.e., common carrier vs. private carrier).

How do you ship a horse?

The first step in shipping a horse is to decide on the shipping method. The most common methods are by air, truck, and rail. All horses must be accompanied by a veterinarian, who will issue a health certificate upon completion of the examination; this certificate must accompany the horse throughout its journey and until it reaches its destination. In addition to this health certificate there will also be an invoice or shipper’s bill of lading issued by one of your local agents or brokers.

Horses can only be shipped out of their country of origin if they have all these documents with them at all times during travel.

What are the legalities of shipping a horse?

If you’re shipping a horse, there are some legalities to keep in mind. For one thing, the vet must inspect the animal before it travels and also after its arrival at its destination. They will sign off on what is called an “health certificate” that states that everything is good with your horse before you send him or her on their way.

This is important for two reasons: First, if anything goes wrong during the shipment process (and something can always go wrong), then he or she won’t be covered by insurance if they weren’t inspected beforehand. Second, depending on where in Canada or the US you are shipping from/to and what type of transportation method you choose (airplane versus train), it’s important to know whether this particular journey has ever been completed successfully from start to finish without any problems whatsoever—in other words: Has anyone ever shipped this exact horse by this exact route before?


As you can see, shipping a horse can be costly. But if you’re a responsible person who is willing to do what it takes to ensure the safety of your horse, then all the expenses are worth it. You need to be prepared and aware of the law, weather conditions and special requirements for shipping horses.

It’s not cheap

Shipping costs for a horse depend on the weight, size and distance of the trip. Other factors that affect shipping costs include the shipping company, the mode of transportation (air or sea), and weather conditions. For example, if you ship your horse in winter when it’s cold outside and ice is covering any water bodies along their path, this will add to your final bill.

As you can see from above, there are many variables that determine how much it will cost to ship a horse. This makes it very hard for us to give you an exact price quote because every situation is different!


Whether you are moving your horse across town, across the country, or even to a different continent, it is important to be aware of the costs involved in shipping a horse. In general, it is not cheap. However, knowing this will ensure that you have enough money set aside for the move and can avoid any surprises along the way.

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