How To Tell What Gender A Cat Is

How To Tell What Gender A Cat Is


Maybe you’re looking to adopt a kitten, and you want to know how to tell a male cat from a female. Maybe you’re just curious about your own cat. Either way, there are some general rules that can help. It’s not always easy to tell the gender of kittens, but they should be easier to sex as they grow older. A cat’s sexual organs aren’t visible until it is several weeks old; moreover, cats don’t develop their distinguishing characteristics—like the size of an adult cat’s urethra (the hole where urine passes through)—until later in life. As a result, it can be difficult for even experienced vets or breeders to accurately sex young cats or kittens younger than about six weeks old.

You need to look at the cat’s undercarriage.

You can also tell by looking at the cat’s undercarriage. Most male cats have a barbed penis, and most female cats have a smooth vagina. If you can see the genitals, they will usually be easily distinguishable. The only time this isn’t true is with spayed or neutered cats which can be difficult to sex because the reproductive organs have been removed and the anus may not look different in appearance between sexes.

If you’re not sure whether or not your cat has been spayed or neutered yet—or if surgery wasn’t performed on them (for example, some vets don’t recommend neutering for certain breeds)—there are other ways to tell whether or not your pet is female (or male).

Check to see if there is a gap between the anus and genital opening.

To tell if a cat is male or female, look at the genital opening. A female cat will have one opening for her anus and reproductive organs, while a male cat will have three openings located within the same area: his anus, his urethra (from which he urinates), and his penis.

To further determine your pet’s gender (aside from just looking at them) you can bring him/her to your local vet clinic where they’ll be able to perform an examination on them.

Females have an anus and a urinary tract opening, while males have all three openings in one area.

Male cats have one or two testicles, while females have three. To find out if your cat has two testicles or just one, examine its groin area carefully. If you see an anus and a urinary tract opening, then congratulations: You’re looking at a female cat!

If the opening is right next to each other and there are no other openings nearby, you might be looking at a male kitty with two testicles (called cryptorchids).

The genital opening is below the anus on females, but above it on males.

The genital opening is below the anus on females, but above it on males. The anus is on a cat’s bottom, while the reproductive organs are in its torso. It’s important to know that there are several openings on a cat’s body that can look similar:

The urinary tract opening (where urine comes out) is between the anus and genital opening. This method of identifying gender relies on knowing where these openings are located relative to each other.

Look at a cat’s undercarriage to determine its gender.

It’s easy to tell if your cat is a boy or a girl. First, look at their undercarriage.

  • Females have an anus and a urinary tract opening, while males have all three openings in one area that looks like a scrotal sac.
  • The genital opening is below the anus on females, but above it on males.


Although the differences between male and female cats are subtle, there are ways to tell what gender a cat is. First, look at the cat’s face. If it has a longer, leaner face with large eyes and high cheekbones, this is usually a sign that your cat is female. Second, look at the shape of its head—a more triangular or diamond-shaped head points to a male cat. As you’re looking at your cat’s body shape and size, remember that males tend to be larger than females. The easiest way to tell what gender a kitten is may be by looking at its genitals: male kittens have penises while female kittens have vaginas. You can also take your kitten to the vet for an examination if you need more help determining their gender!

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