How To Tie A Dog Bandana

How To Tie A Dog Bandana


It’s time to up your dog-bandana-tying game.

The Bandana Triangle

There are three basic shapes the bandana can be tied in. The triangle, the square and the rectangle.

The Triangle is the most common of all three shapes. It’s simple to tie and looks great on any dog!

The Square is a little more tricky to tie but can look very cool if done right!

Finally, we have our Rectangle which is by far my favorite knot to wear on my neck as it keeps me warm during these cold winter months!

How To Tie Your Bandana

You can tie it around your dog’s neck, in a bow, in a knot, in a bib, in a bandana triangle or even as part of his mane.

The most common ways to tie and wear your bandana are:

  • Tie it around your dog’s neck like you would with any other bandana. This way looks great on all different kinds of dogs from small puppies to large dogs alike!
  • Tie it in a bow. If you want to make sure that the bow stays secure then use some fabric glue or duct tape on the inside of the knot where it comes together at the back of their neck so it won’t fall apart easily!
  • Tie it in a knot (bow). This look is especially cute for smaller breeds because they actually look like little girls wearing bows in their hair – just make sure not too tight since this could cut off circulation and cause damage later down line if left on too long without removing first! If tied correctly though then this method shouldn’t be much trouble at all 🙂

Bow Tie Basics

  • To make a bow tie, begin by folding the fabric in half to create a rectangle.
  • Bring the two short ends together and overlap them about one inch. Then bring the top of the fabric down to meet them. This will form an X-shape.
  • Next, take one end of your rounder bandana and tie it around your dog’s neck by pulling it through that little X-shaped loop you created earlier (see image). Then pull both ends through so they are even on each side and tighten slightly but not too much! That’s basically how you tie a bow tie! Simple right?

The Bib Method

Tie the bandana with the bib method.

If you want to show off your dog’s belly, this is the perfect way to do it! First, lay out your bandana in front of you and make sure it’s right-side up. Then fold down one side so that there are two equal lengths on either side of a fold (like an open book). Take those two ends and wrap them around his neck until they meet together at his chest. Secure with a knot or bowtie, then repeat on other side so each end has its own knot or bowtie.

The Neck Scarf Look

  • Take your time and make sure that the bandana is straight
  • Tie the ends in a knot, but not too tight
  • If you have a small dog or puppy, you can use these bandanas as a collar for them

Knot It Up!

It’s time to tie up your bandana!

First, place the bandana around your dog’s neck so that it crosses over their chest and is visible from both sides. Then fold the left side of the triangle over their right shoulder, with the right side of the triangle hanging down like a scarf across their back.

Now fold down each corner into a square knot and tuck them under so that they’re hidden by your dog’s fur (or clipped hair). And voila! You’re done!

Cute dog bandanas are an easy, fun way to dress up your canine friend. You can tie them in many different ways to create a look that suits your pup and accentuates his or her features.

Cute dog bandanas are an easy, fun way to dress up your canine friend. You can tie them in many different ways to create a look that suits your pup and accentuates his or her features.

Your first step is to decide what kind of fabric you want for your bandana. If you have a color preference or if you’re shopping for other people’s dogs, there are lots of choices at craft stores. However, most people choose cotton because it’s durable and breathable. Once you’ve chosen the material, there are lots of ways to tie it on your dog:

  • The bowtie method consists of three or four loops around the neck (depending on the size) with one end longer than the other so that both ends meet at a knot near the top of their head; this method works best for small dogs like yorkies who need something cute but simple enough not get caught on things when they run outside during play dates!
  • The ribbon method involves wrapping two parallel strips around each side of their neck, then gathering them together with multiple knots along each edge so that they form two tails coming down over each shoulder blade like streamers; this method looks super festive when worn during holidays but also looks great any time because it emphasizes how fluffy all those furrballs really are!


Well, that’s all folks! From there you should have a basic understanding on how to tie a bandana around your dog’s neck. Be sure to scroll through our blog for more posts on selecting the right size bandana, what collars and leashes to use and other grooming tips for your pooch!

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