How To Torture A Cat

How To Torture A Cat


The cat is an intelligent creature. However, it’s also a vain one. This makes it easy to torture a cat. Here are the most effective ways to torture a cat:

Leave the toilet seat up.

Some cats are afraid of water and can’t use the bathroom. Other cats can’t read, so they don’t know how to flush a toilet. Still other cats are too lazy to put the seat down after using the bathroom, and instead leave it up for you (the human) to deal with later.

Pick up a cat as if to cuddle it, then “accidentally” drop it.

To tortured a cat, you must first pick one up. To do this, you must first get the cat’s attention by doing some sort of action that will make it look in your direction. Once the cat is looking at you, approach it slowly and say something about how cute it looks. Then, gently place one hand under its belly and another around its neck so that its head is facing away from you. The cat will feel more secure if held like this because it feels like it has control over what happens next. Now gently lift up your arms so that the cat can feel them lifting but not high enough for anything bad to happen (hopefully).

Once the cat has been picked up and placed safely on top of something else (like another animal), quickly drop it onto whatever surface is beneath him/her/it before he/she/it realizes what’s happening.* Laugh at how funny dropping a cat sounds* Rewards with treats!

Lead a blind person around with a cat on a leash.

Step 1. Purchase a leash and harness for your cat. It’s important that your cat be able to move freely, so make sure the harness doesn’t restrict its movement. Also, consider how much weight the harness can bear—your cat will need to be able to pull his weight as he navigates obstacles and changes direction around corners and intersections.

Step 2. Use treats as rewards when training your cat to walk on a leash. The goal is for him or her to associate walking on the leash with positive experiences like eating delicious treats, so it’s important that they see these things as positive rather than negative experiences! You should always have lots of kitty treats on hand so you can reward them whenever they’re doing something right (like moving forward).

Step 3. Practice in controlled environments until your cat feels comfortable enough with being led by someone else before taking him out into public spaces where there are other people walking around too close by who might get scared off by seeing two animals together at once because one of them looks different from everyone else around them due to their disability status; this could mean trouble later down the road when trying touture cats instead.”

Prepare a pot of boiling water, then toss the cat into it.

  • Boiling water is very hot.
  • Cats are not fond of water.
  • Cats do not like to be dropped.
  • Cats dislike being thrown into boiling water even more than they dislike being dropped, which makes sense since boiling water hurts a lot more than being dropped does, but you would think that maybe a cat would be used to the idea of getting hurt by now and could just deal with it or something at this point in their lives but noooooooo apparently cats don’t have that kind of mindset because they are still too young and naive

Share your dinner with the cat.

In the event that you should find yourself in a situation where you have to torture a cat, it can be helpful to share your dinner with it. Cats are omnivores and will eat just about anything—especially if they are hungry enough. They also tend not to be picky eaters, which makes them an ideal food source for humans who want to express their dominance through cruelty but don’t want to look like monsters by inflicting pain on something cute and lovable.

Throw an elaborate birthday party for your cat and not invite it.

It’s not easy to torture a cat, but it’s possible. Here are some tips for making sure that your cat does not enjoy its birthday party:

  • Don’t invite the cat. Cats can’t read invitations and they don’t know how to knock on doors or ring doorbells, so you won’t have to worry about them attending at all.
  • Don’t tell the cat about the party. If you do this right, it will never even know there was one! That way it can be as surprised as anyone when they get home from work and see all of these decorations in their apartment (and by “surprised” I mean startled into dropping their keys). They’ll probably feel pretty stupid too—why didn’t they think to decorate for themselves? They should really try harder next year!

Make a hat out of the cat’s fur.

To make a hat out of your cat’s fur, you will need:

  • The fur of a dead cat
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread and needles

You can learn how to torture cats in this article!

If you’re new to the world of torturing cats, there are a few things you should know. First, the internet is full of cat torturer tutorials and resources. You can find some helpful tips on how to torture cats here and here.

Secondly, if you want to be successful at torturing cats, it’s important that your victim be in good condition before you start working on them. A healthy cat will work better than an unhealthy one when it comes to torturing them because they’ll get tired quicker and be less likely to protest their treatment as much as an unhealthy one would


With these seven simple steps, you will be able to torture your cat in no time. Remember always to refer back to this list for when things get tricky!

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