How To Train A Cat To Stay Off The Counters

How To Train A Cat To Stay Off The Counters


Cats are wonderful companions. They’re adorable, funny, and they’ll act like total jerks if you give them the chance. In the right circumstances, cats can be trained to do a variety of things, including stay off counters. The best method to use will depend on your cat’s personality, so if one isn’t working, it’s important not to get frustrated! Your cat is probably just responding differently than expected and will benefit from trying a different technique. For instance, some cats may respond positively to an open palm when being told “no,” while others may require more serious negative reinforcement. Once you’ve found that happy medium between avoiding your cat’s bad habits and remaining kind to him or her at all times, you can begin training your cat with the following methods:

Find a cat behaviorist.

The first step to training your cat is to find a cat behaviorist. Like animal trainers, cat behaviorists are trained to help you train your cat and with any other problem animals may be facing. You can find a cat behaviorist online or at your local shelter (if they have one).

Before you start training, it’s important that you understand why cats behave the way they do so that you don’t inadvertently reinforce their bad habits. Cats have instincts and possess certain personality traits that make them respond in specific ways to certain situations, but they are also very adaptable creatures who will adjust their behaviors when given proper direction from their owner or caretaker. In this sense, training your cat isn’t much different from how we teach our toddlers not to touch hot stoves; we simply need to show them what’s harmful and what isn’t by demonstrating appropriate responses for each situation until our pets learn where their boundaries lie!

Pick a method.

  • Find a cat behaviorist. A professional will be able to help you decide on the best course of action for your cat, which can depend on their personality. For example, if your cat has developed this habit out of boredom, then they may need more exercise and mental stimulation than others who are simply not yet trained or experienced enough in their environment.
  • Pick a method. There are many ways to train cats: positive reinforcement with treats; negative reinforcement with citrus scents or coffee grounds; or even using the “throw” technique where you toss them off objects onto soft surfaces like blankets so they learn from their mistakes instead of hurting themselves when falling from high places like counters into hard floors below them (not recommended!). No matter what technique works best for each individual situation will vary but there’s always hope for success if we keep trying our hardest!

Use negative reinforcement with the scent of citrus or coffee.

You can use the scent of citrus or coffee to train your cat to stay off the counter. The best way is to spray citronella around the counter, or place coffee grounds on it. Citrus and coffee are two scents that cats do not like at all! If you sprayed citrus or coffee on the counter, then your cat will associate this smell with being bad and avoid it completely for a while. You should be able to notice if this method has been effective when your cat avoids going near any area where you have sprayed these scents after a certain time period has passed

Use positive reinforcement with treats to get them to stay off the counter.

  • With a high-value treat in hand, head to the counter.
  • When your cat jumps up, say “no,” and immediately give him or her a treat.
  • Continue this process for several days; if your cat does not stay off the counter, continue to repeat until he or she does.
  • Do not give treats if you have not asked him or her to do something specific (ex: don’t give treats every time).

Try the “throw” technique.

You can also try the “throw” technique, which is another way to make the cat associate the counter with something bad. This can be done by throwing a ball or making a loud noise when you see your cat on the counter. The idea is that if your cat associates being near the counters with getting hit or startled, they’ll avoid them in future.

This method is only effective if you have time to follow through consistently and don’t mind catching your cat in mid-jump (or in mid-fall). It doesn’t always work quickly either, so keep that in mind before trying this approach out!

When training a cat, it’s important to try multiple methods if one isn’t working

When training a cat, it’s important to try multiple methods if one isn’t working. You may have to wait for your cat to catch onto one technique before it learns the next. Patience is key! If you’re consistent about keeping your counters free of food and water, eventually your feline friend will learn not to go up there anymore.


There you have it! With the help of a professional and some patience, your cat can be trained to stay off the counter.

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