How To Train A Dog Roll Over

How To Train A Dog Roll Over


Teaching your dog to roll over is a fun and useful trick for parties, showing off, or even just for a quiet evening at home. Rolling over commands can be a little tough if you’ve never tried them before, but with the right training techniques, your dog will be rolling like an experienced circus performer in no time!

How To Train A Dog Roll Over

Dogs can be stubborn, so it’s important to be patient and persistent.

If your dog doesn’t want to roll over, show him that you’ve got the patience he needs. If you make a big deal out of trying and failing, he’ll just get frustrated. Try again tomorrow with a new approach—and don’t give up!

Your dog also needs encouragement when learning how to roll over; dogs are intelligent animals who will only keep trying if they know that their work is appreciated by their owner.

Get your dog in the roll over position.

  • Place your dog in the down position.
  • Make sure they are on their side and not flat on their back.
  • Roll them onto their back, with only a slight amount of pressure from you. If they resist, then gently push them into that position until they stop resisting.

Get your dog to turn onto its side.

The first step is to get your dog to turn onto its side. This can be done by encouraging them to lie down and rolling them over, or by having your dog sit up and standing behind them, pushing their hips back while they are still sitting. Once this is done, you need to teach the dog that staying on its side is a good thing. The best way of doing this is by rewarding your dog each time they stay on their side for a short period of time (around 5 seconds). You should reward with verbal praise at first but it’s recommended that you make the rewards more visible as well as audible so that the dog knows exactly what it did right!

Speak the roll over command to your dogs and show them a treat in your hand.

Speak the roll over command to your dogs and show them a treat in your hand.

Do not get frustrated if your dog doesn’t understand at first. Simply repeat the same process until they do it right! If you find that your dog is having trouble, try a different treat or a different way of saying the command (e.g., “roll over”). If the problem persists, stop and take a break before trying again later; this could help your dog relax more quickly.

Your dog will roll over.

Once you’ve taught your dog the command “roll over,” you will be able to ask him or her to do so in any number of situations. No matter what the reason, your dog will usually oblige. Here are just a few scenarios where this can come in handy:

  • Your dog is tired from walking around all day, but you don’t have time to take them for another walk right now. Simply ask them to roll over and they’ll be able to stretch their legs while staying put!
  • You’re at work and want some peace and quiet so that you can concentrate on your paperwork for an hour or two—this is when it’s especially nice having a trained “roll over” command! Simply tell them not only once, but twice (so they know how serious this really is), then go back about whatever it was that had been bothering you before this happened…and lo behold: no more annoying barking until bedtime rolls around again later tonight!

Praise your dog and reward it with a treat.

After you’ve successfully mastered the roll-over command, you can start praising your dog when it does a good job. This means petting it on its head, stroking its back and other parts of the body that are safe for your pup to receive affection.

If you want your dog to do something right, reward it with a treat as soon as possible after they have completed their task successfully. If you’re having trouble teaching your dog how to roll over, don’t give up! Dogs are intelligent animals who will eventually learn what they need in order to get treats from their owners and praise from people around them.

Be patient and positive, and don’t give up if it takes a few times for your dog to learn roll over — dogs are intelligent, but they can also be stubborn, so keep at it until you succeed!

In this example, we’re going to teach our dog to roll over. This is a great trick for dogs who like to play with balls and other objects. It also helps them learn how to give you the ball when you ask for it!

The first step is making sure your dog understands the meaning of “roll over”. You can do this by practicing the command “roll over” when he’s lying down, or on his back with his feet up (like in the picture above). Then reward him with treats when he does what you ask — try not to use physical force if your dog resists!

Once your dog has learned what ‘roll over’ means, it’s time for training. Start by rewarding him every time he lies down or rolls onto his side while playing with a ball or another toy — this way he’ll start associating rolling over with receiving a treat! If necessary, place a treat on top of their head so they know what they need to do before giving it away; then remove it once they’ve moved into position correctly.


When done correctly, the roll over command can make for an impressive trick that will impress your friends and family. If you are having trouble with this training method, don’t worry — it takes time for dogs to get used to new commands, even if they’re well-trained already. Remember that there are many different ways of teaching trick commands like roll over (and every other dog command). Just find one that works best for both you and your pet!

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