How To Train A Horse In Minecraft

How To Train A Horse In Minecraft


In the world of Minecraft, animals are often a crucial element in helping players get around. Horses, for instance, move much quicker than humans and can help you travel long distances quickly. They also have a lot of health and can be good in battles. But they’re very difficult to tame and control at first! In this blog, we’ll walk through the process of taming a horse in Minecraft so that you can prepare yourself for your next adventure.

Craft a lead.

You will need the following materials:

  • 5 iron ingots
  • 5 ropes

To craft a lead, place the following in a crafting table: 5 iron ingots, 5 ropes. This will create one lead. Lead is used to tame horses and other animals. It can be used to make a bridle, saddle and horse armor as well.

Tame the horse.

The first step to riding a horse is to tame it. You can do this by giving the horse an apple, golden apple, golden carrot or golden beetroot. You can also tame the horse by feeding it a golden potato if you have access to that block in your world.

Once you’ve fed your soon-to-be steed one of these food items, you’ll need to right click on its head while holding a carrot on a stick (or the appropriate item for what type of food you gave), and then wait for it to grow attached. When this happens and all has gone well, that’s how you know your animal friend is ready for riding!

Feed the horse an apple or golden apple to make it love you.

You can feed a horse an apple or a golden apple to make it like you. This will be indicated by hearts over its head and a pink heart above its head in the menu.

Put the lead on the horse.

Now that you have learned how to saddle a horse, it is time for you to put the lead on your horse and make sure it follows you.

  • Make sure that the horse is not in a minecart or boat before putting the lead on. Do not attempt this if the horse is in a minecart or boat.
  • Make sure that there are no other horses around when putting the lead on, as they may be jealous of your new friend! They will attack if they feel threatened by new additions to their herd, so stay safe while doing this step by making sure there are no other horses nearby when putting on the harnesses!
  • When done properly, all steps should go smoothly without any problems arising between human-horse relations (but if something does go wrong…call me!).

Wait for the hearts to appear over its head, showing that it loves you.

When you feed your horse an apple or a golden apple, hearts will appear over its head. This means that it loves you.

If you do not have food in your inventory, then the horse will still accept any food offered by other players.

Ride the horse around to increase its trust in you.

Ride the horse around to increase its trust in you.

  • Ride the horse around the world to increase its love for you.
  • Ride the horse around the world to increase its happiness.
  • Ride the horse around the world to increase its health.
  • Ride the horse around the world to increase its speed

Horses are very useful but can be difficult to tame

Horses are very useful, but they can be difficult to tame. Taming a wild horse is done by feeding it golden apples or wheat. Once the horse is tamed, you can mount it by right-clicking on its back with a saddle in your hand. You can also train horses to do things like minecarts and boats without having to ride them all the time!


If you follow these instructions, you will be able to tame and train your own horse. It takes time, but the end result is a powerful animal that can help you in your travels.

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