How To Train A Rabbit To Do Tricks

How To Train A Rabbit To Do Tricks


Rabbits are great pet! What’s more, they’re actually really smart. If you want to bond with your bunny, this is a great way to do it—and you’ll be able to show off your rabbit’s tricks at the same time!

Rabbits make wonderful pets, but a lot of people pass them up because they assume they’re boring animals. In fact, rabbits are great at training! They can learn all sorts of tricks, and being able to have fun with your pet is a great way to bring you closer together.

If you think rabbits are boring and only good for eating, think again! Like all pets, rabbits are more than just animals that need to be fed and watered. They can be trained to do tricks, making them a fun addition to any family. Additionally, since they’re not as big or noisy as dogs or cats, they’re a great pet if you live in an apartment or condo with limited space.

Rabbits make wonderful pets because they’re intelligent animals that love their owners just like other pets do! If you want your rabbit to learn how to fetch its own toys when it sees them lying around the house (or even bring back the object itself), there are plenty of ways for him/her to learn this trick so he/she can delight you with his new skill every day!

Choose the right rabbit

Before you begin training your rabbit, it’s important that you choose a healthy and well-adjusted animal. Rabbits are social animals who need companionship as much as they need exercise. (In fact, some experts say that it’s easier to train a rabbit if it has another rabbit companion.) Thus, if at all possible, try to find an adult rabbit who is already accustomed to living with humans before bringing him home; otherwise he may experience anxiety during the transition.

Also be sure that the cage in which he will live meets his basic needs: larger cages are better than smaller ones because they allow for more room for running around and chewing on things. It should also have toys and other objects like cardboard boxes where rabbits can gnaw on safely without damaging furniture or other household items.[3]

Pick a treat

Next, you’ll need to decide on a treat. This is important because it’s the thing your bunny will be doing tricks for; without a reward, there’s no motivation! So make sure you choose something that’s easy to get your hands on, that she likes, and that is healthy for rabbits.

Some good options include:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Carrot sticks or parsley sprigs (in moderation)
  • Apple slices

Train your rabbit to shake hands

  • Hold the rabbit’s front feet in one hand and stroke them with the other.
  • As the rabbit begins to relax, raise its paws slightly from the floor and say “shake hands.” Then reward it with a treat if it does so, or give a gentle tug on its paw if it doesn’t comply immediately.
  • Repeat this process until your bunny understands what you are asking him to do, then try some new tricks!

Train your rabbit to fetch

The next trick you can teach your pet is to fetch a toy. This one is fairly simple, but it will take some time for them to get the hang of it. Start by playing with the toy in front of your bunny and then put it away when they’re not paying attention. When you bring out the toy again, say “fetch” in an excited tone and offer him/her a treat as incentive for doing so. If he picks up on this command quickly, great! Otherwise keep practicing until he does (or at least becomes interested).

Once your rabbit has mastered fetching toys for treats, try using balls instead. Balls are usually easier than toys because they’re smaller and more durable—so if one breaks or gets lost under furniture after being thrown around, no big deal! Once again: start small with treats before moving onto little bits of lettuce or carrot (or whatever else bunnies love).

Train your rabbit to roll over

To teach a rabbit to roll over, you will need:

  • A treat in your hand
  • A comfortable and relaxed rabbit
  • Patience!

First, make sure your rabbit is comfortable and relaxed in one place before starting. If they are not relaxed and/or not used to being petted or held, it will be much harder for them to learn how to roll over on command. Once you have done this, hold out your hand with the treat in it towards their nose so that they can smell the treat but can’t see it yet (it makes them wait longer). When they sniff at your hand or nose (this might take some time) give them the treat as a reward for sniffing at it! Repeat this process until she starts rolling over on command when presented with a treat just above her head!

You can train a rabbit to do lots of things.

Rabbits are intelligent animals, and they can be trained to do many things. They can easily learn tricks and perform for people, and this is a great way for kids or adults to bond with their pet rabbits. They are also a good pet for children because they don’t require much maintenance or space.


That is all you need to know about training rabbits. A rabbit can be a wonderful pet, but sometimes people are afraid that they won’t be able to train them or that they’ll get bored with the animal. You can show them how this isn’t true! Rabbits can learn lots of tricks, and it’s fun for both of you when they do something new.

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