How To Train Rabbit For Toilet

How To Train Rabbit For Toilet


It is a common problem to many people that their rabbits are not toilet-trained. It can be difficult to find a solution as rabbits cannot be taught to use toilets like cats or parrots.

Getting started

  • You need to have a rabbit that is at least 6 months old.
  • You need to have a rabbit that is healthy and active.
  • Your rabbit should be litter trained.
  • Your rabbit should not be spayed or neutered.

Easy does it

It is important to take your time and be patient. Your rabbit should be completely comfortable with the litter box before you start to train it. You should also wait until the rabbit is at least 6 months old or older before attempting this training so that you don’t risk injuring your pet.

Monitor the rabbit’s toileting behaviour

You should also watch for signs of toileting behaviour. This means paying attention to where your rabbit is spending most of his time, and what he does there. If you see him going more often in the same area, it may be a sign that this area is being used as a toilet bowl or litter box.

If the rabbit is not using any particular area, then you will have to try and encourage them with proper training techniques outlined below.

Select the litter tray area at the start of your training program

Litter tray training your rabbit is a process that takes time and patience. The location you select will be the most important factor in how successful your training program is. It needs to be quiet, with no noise or activity nearby. It should also be an area where the rabbit is unlikely to be disturbed during their toilet breaks, and one that’s easy for you to keep clean. Consideration should also be given as to how far away from their living space it should be placed so they’re not tempted by all kinds of distractions along their way back home!

The litter tray area should also have enough room for both you and your bunny so nobody gets hurt during training – this can mean moving furniture around if necessary! The fact that there are lots of things around may make them feel safer too which could help stop any anxious behaviour happening again later on down the track when other people come over often; if possible try putting some toys down into one corner (or several) so they have something else occupying their time while they’re doing their business instead

With some rabbits it can be easy to train them to use a toilet bowl, while others may not readily adopt such a scheme.

With some rabbits it can be easy to train them to use a toilet bowl, while others may not readily adopt such a scheme. Rabbits are very intelligent creatures and they learn quickly so if you have the patience and determination then training your rabbit will be both fun and rewarding.

Some rabbits will learn quickly while others will take longer. But all rabbits can be trained to use a toilet bowl. Litter training is an important part of this process but there are also other things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to potty training your rabbit:


It is important to consider that rabbit breed and temperament can have a large impact on how quickly your pet can be toilet trained. If you find that your rabbit is not responding well to this method, it may be necessary to reconsider if the scheme is feasible for your particular rabbit. For example, some rabbits may never be able to use a high toilet bowl due to their size and so alternatives should be considered (such as a litter tray attached close to ground level).

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