How To Transport A Dog Cross Country

How To Transport A Dog Cross Country


If you are looking to transport your dog across a large distance, you may feel as if there are not many options beyond driving yourself. However, this is not true. In fact, there are several ways to transport your dog from one place to another without putting the weight of the journey on your shoulders. Here we will cover three methods—flying your dog in the cargo hold of an airplane, utilizing a pet transport service, and driving yourself—each of which comes with its own pros and cons:

Flying Your Dog

If you are flying your dog cross country, the first thing you need to do is find a vet that is willing to fly your dog. There are many reasons why this is not an easy task. Many vets don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting their dogs on planes and they don’t like their clients leaving town for extended periods of time. The good news is that some vets will be more than happy to help out if they know how much it means to you, so talk about it with them and see what happens!

Next, make sure you have all of the right equipment for travel: a crate that can be certified as safe for air travel (not just any old kennel), proof that your dog has received all necessary vaccinations (including rabies), a health certificate from the vet who’s transporting him/her/it etc… This last point may seem obvious but there’s one other important thing I forgot when I moved my cat across country: make sure everything goes through customs easily by bringing as many copies of paperwork as possible!

Hiring A Pet Transport Service

Hiring a pet transport service is an excellent option, especially if you’re planning to move long distances. These companies are licensed and bonded, so they have a strict code of conduct that they must adhere to at all times. They also often have years of experience and can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe and comfortable throughout their journey.

However, there are several things you should do before deciding on who to hire for this important task:

  • Research each company thoroughly before hiring them for your pet’s transport needs. You’ll want to make sure that it has positive reviews from previous clients—and even better if those reviews come from people who’ve used their services recently! This way you can be sure that the company is still operating at an acceptable level of quality after all these years in business (since nothing stays static forever).
  • Make sure they’re not just providing transportation services but also offer other types too like grooming or boarding services because sometimes these things don’t always go together well when mixed together into one place/time period; however some folks enjoy having variety so this isn’t really anything bad about any given company per se – just something worth knowing beforehand so no surprises happen later down the line when everything goes smoothly as planned…”

Driving Across Country With Your Dog

When you’re planning to drive across country with your dog, there are a few things that you must consider. First of all, make sure that your pet is well-rested and healthy enough for the long trip. Bring along plenty of water and clean up any accidents immediately so that your car doesn’t smell like urine or feces by the end of it.

Next, make sure that you have the right vehicle for this type of road trip: something with plenty of horsepower and lots of room for supplies (such as crates). You also need to check out what kind of food is required for extended drives – some brands may not be appropriate due to their high fat content or other ingredients which could upset their stomachs while others contain preservatives which could cause bloating during travel time.

You should also bring along toys and treats that will keep them entertained during those long hours behind the wheel – think about how much fun they had chasing after squirrels when we went camping last year! Plus don’t forget about how easy it would be if we just stayed home instead…

There are many ways to do this, and your choice will depend on the size of your dog, the distance from your origin to your destination, your budget, and whether you are willing to part with your dog for a few days in favor of flying.

  • There are many ways to do this, and your choice will depend on the size of your dog, the distance from your origin to your destination, your budget and whether you are willing to part with your dog for a few days in favor of flying.
  • If you have a small dog or puppy (under 25 pounds), then driving is an option if you can find someone who can take care of him while he’s gone. You should never leave any pet alone in a car unless they’re locked safely inside it. Even then, temperatures can rise quickly even when parked in shade or breezy areas so keep an eye on things.
  • If there’s no one available to drive with you or watch over him while traveling by car then consider taking public transportation as long as it makes sense logistically (i.e., not too far away that it would take longer than driving). It may also be worth considering if there aren’t many stops along the way between where he’ll be staying at one end versus where he’d be staying at another end – this might save some time overall since  you won’t need hours waiting around before getting back onto buses/trains etc… And finally don’t forget about costs! Consider both fuel costs as well as potential parking fees/tolls along route(s) taken during travel; also think about gas prices going up once reaching destination city limits (even if only slightly).


There is no one right or wrong way to transport your dog across country. The decision will likely come down to the size of your dog, how close your destination is, whether you want to be in the car with your dog or flying somewhere and have them meet you there (or not at all), and of course, what works for you and your wallet. We hope this article has given you some good options for transporting Fido safely from point A to point B without having him get a “doggy stomach” along the way!

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