Pets For Singles

Are you single and like pets? If so, then this post is for you. Over the years, countless people have told me that having a pet is therapeutic. They said it had made them happier and less stressed. Some people love to cuddle up with animals during the cold months of winter. Others enjoy playing fetch in the park or simply going for walks together. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a pet, here are some great ones that might pique your interest.

Pets for Singles offers pet sitting for all kind of animals in your home or at the pet sitter office. Our services include pet pick-up, pet transportation, and daily visits of your beloved pet who will stay with us in our secure facility where her/his needs are our first priority.

Pets for Singles is a guide to everything pets. If you’re single or into pets and want to look after them on your own give this blog post a read. Pets for singles gives some great tips for the person who has a dog or cat and doesn’t want to bother other people with it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel lonely when our pets are gone. I just miss them. So I figured why not get another one, because who’d be a better companion than another pet? This is why pet adoption for singles doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all! If you feel the same way I do, then read on…

Pets are not just for kids anymore. Singles are adopting pets at increasingly high rates and they’re caring for their furry friends with as much care as they would any living family member. Indeed, many singles are finding that adding a pet to the mix can be a wonderful way to enrich not just their lives, but the lives of others.

Pets For Singles

7 Reasons Why Singles Need To Have Pets And Why Pets Are Better Than A Significant Other

Singles Pets

Ready for companionship that doesn’t argue, complain, or keep you from going out with your friends? Do we have the cure for you! It’s time to get a pet and feel good again! As one of my friends said, “I love animals more than people.” There you go. Pets are better than people.  Every individual needs to have at pet at least some point in their lives.

The issue for many singles across the world is that the majority of us are workaholics and get lonely and stressed out. Pets are the cure because you can have company without the complication. Adopting an animal is a big responsibility, so if you take on a pet, you need to be an adult about it. getting a pet may be one of the best decisions of your life though. Having a pet can be a very fulfilling part of your life. Here are seven reasons why every single needs to have a pet in their life instead of a significant other. 

7 Reasons Why Singles Need Pets

Singles Pets

Pets For Burned Singles

If you’ve ever gotten out of a relationship feeling ‘burned’ then you know what we’re talking about when we feel resentment and hard feelings towards the past. A good word to the wise – you need to let it go. In the meanwhile, adopting a pet and caring for it can be your therapy. A pet will never cheat on you, leave you abandoned, or make you feel inferior. Pets will love you unconditionally. This is what so many people lack – unconditional love is missing in the adult world. We all need love and can’t seem to get it from people who don’t love themselves. We’re all fucked up in some way, so getting a pet will uncomplicate things when relationships are simply fucked up. After you’ve been burned in a relationship, look for refuge with an animal that will fill your void for company. 

Singles Pets

They Will Keep You Active

Most of the time, pets are active and demand lots of time to play. You will need to make sure you are taking your pet out for walks or runs almost every day. Your pet will not let you be lazy and stay at home all the time. They need walked and played with after work, during lunch, and also let out in the morning. In addition, since you want to make sure you and your pet have a good relationship, you will spend more time with them outdoors rather than inside where it gets stuffy. Head to a dog park where you can make friends. In addition, being outdoors will keep you feeling great. We all need some vitamin D.

Singles Pets

They Will Always Make You Laugh

Pets do funny things all the time. After a long day, you just might need a laugh. Look to your pet, and if you don’t have one yet, you can look up funny animal videos on YouTube. Even if you are in a bad mood, a pet will help you turn it around. Animals can sense your feelings. Life is just too short not to enjoy it, so get a pet already and have a laugh.

Singles Pets

Pets Teach Us Responsibility

When you have a pet, you learn to become more responsible. Pets need trips to the vet, TLC, walks, grooms, and space to roam. When you have a pet, you now have a living thing that is dependent on you. The added responsibility will make you sympathetic and care more towards the people you are around as well. The best part is that this will make sure you are putting yourself and your pet on the same schedule. Whether it is their food, exercise or playtime, you will make sure that your pet is getting what they want so they can stay healthy. Talk about an amazing sense of responsibility!

Singles Pets

They Will Make Sure You Are Stress-Free

Having a pet around has proven to alleviate stress. Researchers have shown that having a pet in your life can make your quality of life better. Since animals are sensitive, they tend to figure out when their owner is feeling stressed so they can provide them with comfort.

Singles Pets

They Will Always Give You Unconditional Love

Pets will give you unlimited affection and they will be your best friend without any questioning and judgment. If you do not fill their food bowl on time, they will forgive you. Why? Because all they really require from you is your attention, company, and approval.

Singles Pets

You Can Register Your Pets As Emotional Support Animals

You can register cats and dogs as emotional support animals. You can travel anywhere with your pets. Sometimes people really do need pets as a support system, because they can be so therapeutic.

Singles Pets

What more reason could a single person need to get a pet? A pet will be your forever companion without making you doubt yourself ever. Look up the benefits for yourself, and find a happier, healthier, better way to live. You deserve it. Get a pet today!

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  1. i love my rescue pet and she makes my house feel like home, however this isn’t a replacement for a LTR with a life partner, no matter how you assuage that

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